Víctor Janeiro plays the man in A Nightmare in Paradise

Víctor Janeiro plays the man in A Nightmare in Paradise


    contestants nightmare in heaven They starred in a fun gala this week in search of their hidden talents. 46 residents of the town of Jimena de la Frontera, where the reality show ranch is located, They entered for the first time since the program was recorded at Antonio’s premises for a talent contest to find the owner of the golden horseshoe, which granted immunity.

    While some preferred simple performances that included songs to evoke laughter from the public, others, like Víctor Janeiro did well, added a touch of hidden talent. The bullfighter had a lot of fun during his stay at the horse company competition.he rides horses in his spare time and teaches all his friends (who wants to) to ride bareback, but sometimes this She gave him a hard time like Patricia Steisy. Now that he had to show his talent, the competitor was not only left with the option to ride a horse, but made another comeback to win the long-awaited golden horseshoe and stay in the competition for another week.

    Therefore, prior to his performance, the bullfighter asked everyone to be “very still” as the performance put their physical integrity at risk, something residents of Jimena de la Frontera immediately understood when they saw what it was about. audience when it’s over Her mouth fell open, flapping her feet with a cry of “torero”.

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He plays Víctor Janeiro type

The bullfighter chose a very risky number to deserve said immunity, and he did so by juggling an apple while balancing on the bareback horse. His wife from the set, Beatriz Trapote, was also speechless.

Dani Garcia, poet

The contestant chose to write a poem in honor of Jimena de la Frontera and the contest, something she herself admitted “could cause pain to visitors”. However, she managed to get away with a simple poem that opened the gala and garnered everyone’s applause: I moved on to “I Have Talent From First Meetings”.

Manu to the rhythm of chirigota

Andalusia chose to withdraw from its territory to protect a pass doble from Cádiz. A show that garnered applause and laughter from all the audience.

The poker player used his vocal skills by making a version of ‘La Flaca’ from the farm dedicated to ‘vaca Paca’. A demonstration that resulted in him tearing his shirt, putting his feet in public, shouting ‘golden horseshoe’ slogans.

For this immunity test, the contestant chose to get a Christmas hairstyle within the two-and-a-half minutes of the talent show, demonstrating that she had her second talent: “Everybody knows my talent is to untie, the second is to comb my hair the same way.”

Israel Arroyo, singer

The oracle chose to sing the songs demanded by the people, daring with Nino Bravo or Rocío Jurado singing “Como una ola”, causing the public to have a bisque.

The contestant dedicated this performance to her daughter with a very clear message: “I want to teach her that it’s not bullshit, it’s something my mom taught me and I want to teach my daughter too.”

Danna donned the trance flag to listen to the song ‘I’ll Survive’ to pay homage to the community.

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