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Luxury under the stars – El Día

If camping seems like an interesting way to get close to nature, but you don’t like the inconveniences associated with it, try visiting Finca Esferas and staying in one of the balloon suites. It’s about enjoying the freedom of camping with the charms of the most sophisticated accommodations.

In this busy world, we rarely have enough time to ourselves. At Finca Esferas, you will find a unique and privileged way to experience a break from city life, in an environment that will allow you to reconnect with your rural side, without missing any of the comforts of the city and in such a unique way. May it be your most unforgettable getaway.

Located in the municipality of Los Realejos, Finca Esferas offers balloon-shaped suites, transparent sphere-shaped closed rooms that allow you to watch the stars at night, and views from Punta de Teno to Punta del Hidalgo. with the sea on the horizon. Behind us, Teide. In this idyllic setting and these very special rooms, the visitor will have the feeling of being covered by the vastness of the sky, while relaxing on a comfortable bed surrounded by the highest comfort and offering a complementary entertainment offer at the level of the most demanding clientele. . This new accommodation offer is called glamping, short for Anglo-Saxon words. attractive Y campingA growing global phenomenon that combines the experience of outdoor camping with the luxury and conditions of the best hotels.

We spoke with the owners of Finca, Ana and Carlos

What prompted you to prepare such an accommodation offer?

What first moved us was our love for nature and unusual destinations. We learned about such offers and purchased this farm in Las Cuchillas basically allowing us to develop our agricultural operations and offer accommodation alternatives. Environment. Fortunately, we received a lot of support from the Los Realejos City Council and we are very grateful for their support from the very beginning.

They’ve been open for less than a year and have already hosted over 450 couples, some of them recurring. What is the secret of Finca Esferas’ success?

I think to treat our guests as if they were at home and as we would like to be treated, with love, hospitality and respect… And believing a lot in what we do and why we do it. We are a company that respects the environment and feels that it contributes to a diverse and sustainable tourism with customer getaway.

They look at sustainability from many angles…

Our main field of activity is agriculture, we produce on terraces and the farm is an element that shows the cultivation techniques of the region. In this way, we also carry out an information activity, showing the visitors what we are growing and why… For example, the cultivation of chocho, which they often do not even know what it is. They help us collect and take home the products they see and collect on the ground. But we also use a biological filter treatment plant, which allows us to reuse the gray water formed in the bubbles and reuse it for irrigation. The philosophy is to never waste resources.

What is the complementary offer they offer in addition to the wonderful experience of the orb?

In the balloon itself, you can have a continental breakfast with the view of the sea and the surrounding mountains from the terrace of the plot. You can also enjoy a massage or spa. As complementary activities, we offer experiences tailored to the type of visitor, such as horseback riding, paragliding, stargazing with a telescope, romantic packages for couples… we try to make the visitor as comfortable as possible and welcome requests for special occasions. .

Finca Esferas offers rooms that are balloon-shaped suites.

So they also help stimulate the region’s economy, right?

We couldn’t have picked a better place or a better neighborhood to establish ourselves than Icod el Alto, and one way to thank them for the welcome they have shown us is to make sure that all the activities we offer are produced or developed. by companies or self-employed in the region. , Yes. The person doing the massage, the horse riding, the stables offering the paragliding… It’s all the same as our philosophy, to treat the customer with respect and in a sustainable way.

How many bubbles do they have?

Two. My Moon Bubble and My Sun Bubble are both a heated globe with a sky view, located on a private 100 square meter plot, 1.80′ king bed, four-poster sky view shower, outdoor jacuzzi, moon telescope and of course bathrobes, slippers and equipped with different comforts as well as a mini bar like any hotel.

It is understood that attention is highly personalized with two balloons. How does this level of interest reflect on prices?

We strive to provide a sustainable activity with all the comforts but still affordable, so currently our prices are below average for establishments in a similar category.

What types of customers have you had so far and what is the average length of stay?

We have had some French and German clients and they usually stay for two nights… But 95% of our clients are local from the south of the island or Santa Cruz and we are very pleased because they enjoy, feel and experience this special disconnection. The Finca gives you Orbs and they leave willingly to repeat, which most do.

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