Scandals targeting Balenciaga and the Spanish brand - El Sol de México

Scandals targeting Balenciaga and the Spanish brand – El Sol de México

A few days ago, Balenciaga was once again in the midst of a whirlwind after a campaign that appeared to promote child abuse and pornography went viral.

In the photos, you can see children posing with teddy bears, wearing captivity-type accessories such as harnesses, leather pieces and padlocks around their necks.

Likewise, Ashcroft vs. A summary of the document pertaining to the case. The Free Speech Coalition, which addresses the simulated sexualization of childhoods as a form of free expression.

However, after the uproar the frame caused, she went out to apologize, reassuring her that she was withdrawing her campaign from all media.

On the occasion of this discussion, we remember other scandals involving the famous luxury brand today.

Balenciaga’s dirty laundry

The Spanish firm surprised locals and foreigners by selling Paris Sneakers, a completely worn and dirty tennis model liked by Demma Gvasali, who took the reins of the brand. In 2015, he defended the product, assuring it was about fashion and the story behind it.

“A campaign that shows shoes extremely worn, stained and dirty. These still life portraits by photographer Leopold Duchemin show that Paris sneakers should be worn for life. A limited number of 100 pairs of these extra sneakers have been destroyed. stock on will be available in black or white, The brand said at the time it launched its campaign.

However, the product was harshly criticized as most people saw it as an old and dirty product at an exaggeratedly high price of up to 13,000 pesos.

Balenciaga garbage bag

After dirty and worn shoes, Balenciaga couldn’t believe everyone when they launched the Garbage Bag, which is literally the same black garbage bag you buy for household waste at the supermarket.

On this occasion, Demna Gvasalia talked about the controversial bag in an interview with the Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) fashion magazine and emphasized that the scandal is an important part of fashion.

Also, to make it aim to send a message of protest against climate change in addition to the social crisis that Ukraine has been experiencing for some time.

However, the public did not heed the message and criticized the Spanish company’s offer, which cost approximately 34 thousand pesos in our country.

Kim Kardashian and Balenciaga at the Met Gala

In 2021, on the red carpet of the Met Gala, a completely veiled figure in black clothes appeared with a companion in what tone.

It was thought that he was accompanied by Kanye West at the time, along with the brand’s creative director, Kim Kardashian, and Demna herself.

But socialite and Demna teamed up to make their fashion statement.

“Kim’s look represents a new subculture and fashion statement. No logo, no face, but everyone knows she is.” a source told E! News.

The outfit, as always, created a stir and gave the brand the necessary publicity and once again the importance the famous Kardashian always sought.

Balenciaga cuts ties with Kanye West

It all started when Kanye West wore a “White Lives Matter” T-shirt at a fashion show in Paris.

This statement was a reaction to the “Black Lives Matter” (“Black Lives Matter”) movement protesting racism by far-right groups and white supremacists in the United States.

Shortly after, West was banned from Twitter and Instagram for posting threatening messages against the Jewish community, and when the latter broke out, the brand made the decision to part ways with the rapper.

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fashion house Balenciaga She explained that she “has no further relationship with the artist or plans for any future projects”, but her departure came as a surprise because the Spanish firm had chosen the singer as the protagonist of its show during French Fashion Week in Paris just months ago. Capital city.

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