7 trends in shoes to wear in 2023

7 trends in shoes to wear in 2023

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    we are acceptingwhen it comes to knowing new season trendsWe’re a little ‘longing’. That’s why, as soon as September Fashion Weeks arrive, we review each fashion show first and take note of everything that will be worn for that year. spring-summer 2023. We haven’t finished making the most of our metallic pants and we already think new ways to combine cargo pants will be ‘cool’ next year. Just like we’re trying to figure out if it’s already boho style it’s going to ‘hit hard’ again next fall, just in case it’s worth buying coin necklaces or other Metallic ‘cowboy’ boots of all ‘influencers’ They carry. But well thought out, being aware of what’s in effect next season is a good exercise for two reasons: on the one hand, we know which fashion is worth investing in a little more, and which clothes we should not keep too far back in the closet. On the other hand, this is a good opportunity to take advantage of Black Friday sales and January sales to stock up on clothes and accessories at affordable prices.

    Yes, we know, we are always visionary. That’s why we did homework for you today and reviewed the fashion shows of our favorite Fashion Weeks. Types of shoes that will be everywhere in 2023. The good news is that some pairs are already in vogue this winter, so you can easily find them in all your favorite stores. This is another year in all its forms (from wooden ones alligators) or that of Miu Miu dancers who greatly influenced aestheticsballet dance‘. But as we’re always on the lookout for new, we’ll also include new types of shoes, such as very, very high flat forms like Balmain’s, or the most gothic and daring military boots you’ve ever seen. Courtesy of Paco Rabanne and Balenciaga.

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this Mary Janes They’ve made several podiums this fall, but only “trend setters” have dared to include them in their “looks.” Now, in 2023, brands like Christian Dior are giving us a second chance to revisit them and add them to our outfits. You can wear it in a thousand ways: platform and buckle, flat and high heels, Roman sandal style or any shape and color.


the monkey

heels orange mary jane

You’ve probably noticed this fall, metallic shoes are very trendy and promise to be the star shoes for New Year’s Eve. ‘Cowboy’ boots were the starting format of this trend, but in 2023 we will see this shiny finish on heels, sandals, ballerinas, loafers… And even are birds How are you from Bottega Veneta?


scalp swimmers

metallic cowboy boots

Platform sneakers, platform slippers, platform sandals… We love nothing more than a good elevated shoe, but perhaps the ‘flat form’ is the type of shoe that is most difficult for us. Some summers we dare to wear such heeled esparto sandals, but Balmain suggests combining them with more avant-garde designs, like these lace-up sandals with a Renaissance print. Standing art, ‘baby’.



white flat sandals

We don’t need to guess. rock style It will be one of the biggest trends of 2023. From Paco Rabanne’s show to Balenciaga’s, even Versace had countless references to grunge and neo-Gothic aesthetics. If you don’t see yourself dressed in all black, with crosses and studs, an easy way to incorporate this trendy are New Rock style military boots that will add high to any outfit.



Chained military ankle boots

Yes, we know it reminds you of old times shoes. Barbieand that was probably the inspiration for these Loewe heels, but the truth is that closed-toe heels are going to be in vogue. They don’t need to be very tall or have a sharp toe to be elegant, they just need to create a subtle décolleté at the top of the foot that slims and elongates the entire leg.


bimba and lola

Spiritual Pumps

One of the ‘sweetest’ trends of the season once again confirms its place in the shoe order we want to have in the new season. In this case, the ballerinas that will be worn in their most classic and feminine formats in 2023, such as the ones in which Simone Rocha wears ‘tweed’, are covered with pearls and details that make them the perfect flat shoes for an evening event. a wedding or a date.


Asos Design

open back ballerinas

Clogs have been out of our shoe rotation for too long, and this year they’ve decided to position themselves as one of our favourites. Etro has upgraded them with socks that give a good heel and a more comfortable look, but you can also wear them flat like the famous Boston from Birkenstock or rubber like Crocs. Easy to wear, comfortable and very stylish, what more could we ask for?



Sheepskin slippers

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