This is how Alessandro Michele's Linkedin should be

This is how Alessandro Michele’s Linkedin should be

Considered one of the most influential voices in the fashion industry in his last years, Alessandro Michele (Rome, 1972) bids farewell to his home since 2015. The creative director stated that there is a reality of “different perspectives” for the future of the Italian firm.. This is a conflict of interest that will be resolved by abandonment.

According to a statement by Kering, a luxury conglomerate to which the firm is owned, there should be no further reason to part ways, other than the simple fact of keeping distance, as both parties have a different vision of what they want. “Today, an extraordinary journey for me over twenty years at a company to which I tirelessly dedicate all my love and creative passion comes to an end. In this long run, Gucci became my home, my adoptive family. To this extended family, to all the individuals who support and care about me, I send my sincere thanks”, continues Michele in the text published by the Group.

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