LARHHA, the oppressing firm

LARHHA, the oppressing firm

There are many designers and tailors who were or want to be architects before dedicating themselves to fashion. To Gianfranco Ferre Jesus del Pozo or Josep Font, and they all kept this history in mind when creating garments, transferring shapes, figures and silhouettes of cement, iron and glass to pieces made of cloth. D.Behind LARHHA are creative director Miguel Marín and brand and art director Natalia Lorca.Two architects who have been building the wardrobes of people who have been connecting with nature since 2020, respecting the environment with emotional gestures such as recycling and durability of clothes, ignoring transience and presenting a single collection a year because their clothes are unique. placed in this new architecture of the sustainable wardrobe. Born in Córdoba, Miguel designs to offer an escape route, a way out of this reality that eats away at us and prevents you from thinking, choosing, having fun. That’s why many of their outfits are transformable, adaptable and versatile. There are also intricate looks consisting of overlapping garments that offer different wearing options when they are then separated.

The designs of the big names of fashion are on the streets of 2023

This parade marks a turning point in the careers of both. “This is a very important moment. I’ve been dreaming about it for many years because I’m an architect, but fashion is my biggest passion. It’s so exciting to be here.” Man and woman have taken a rebellious and discordant attitude since the beginning of time. There are many cultures throughout history that have used all manner of ornaments and clothing to transform their bodies., to turn it into something different. Sometimes with violence and aggression that has now become intolerant, sometimes to resort to removable parts: to have another way in society and in some cases even in private. LARHHA’s clothes are very detailed, they are perfect thanks to a perfect pattern, exquisite sewing and a clear knowledge of the history of fashion. The body is covered, covered, wrapped. The body is dressed.

Padding and hoodies’ message is in LARHHA

“What we’re doing is connecting two very different aspects, on the one hand these are Classic and historical volumes such as Isabel la Católica, María Antoinette and the masters of the 20th century, as well as the most current fashionistas, the most fierce and sportyto blend in with the environment, the street,” she says, emphasizing the work of combining sewing with asphalt. Thus, we see very generous tops contrasting with the simple tights that are a piece used for almost any look. They also have codes from the animal kingdom, as do the air balloon bulky pieces that give the appearance of a rare creature. the idea of ​​remodeling the body using Greetings to great fashion designers from different generations, especially Alexander McQueen, and to the revolutionaries of the 60s who changed everything with their futuristic fashion.

Shoulders focus attention at LARHHA

There are very distinctive silhouettes with generous shoulders that are rejected in different fabrics and colors such as tweed, sequin or moire. Sophisticated, elegant and quite feminine clothing, the padded pieces between the sleeping bag and the t-shirt always play with the hoodie as a recurring element, as a link between the form and the message. The head is veiled, clothed, and the hats are quite distinctive because of their size and sculptural shape. “We like to give this volume up on the head, it’s an important piece for us. That’s where the double H of our name comes from,” he says, flipping it from hat to hat.

LARHA 2023 Collection

In parade there is fashion and there is message, there is sewing and there is criticism. In this case, unconscious consumption, cannibalism of societies living in big cities. Some clothes wink at bees, we see them on the bodice of some dresses, the shapes of some skirts, but we also see metal bugs applied to the fabric. Because animal nature is always present, even among concrete hives we find beehives or wasp nests. And more each time. The color palette chosen is remarkable because it is so extensive. “We work with white, red, black and pink, and then my intention was to introduce a different color each season. In this case it was lemon yellow and navy blue,” he adds.

LARHHA fashion show at 080 Barcelona Fashion

They sneak between the dress and the dress, each more luxurious than the other. backpackers like those of the riders, fast food deliverymen we swallow without thinking. Or small bags made with piggy banks. “We messed up everything and everything, after which the bugs came out after the fast food we threw out,” he says, still emotionally, after the massive applause that followed the parade. And I’m glad your message arrived and it got stuck. “My idea of ​​this collection was to unify everything, then reinforce the individuality of each, highlighting the stereotypes of today’s society and reflecting that a person can dress the same morning and evening no matter the environments in which they act.” At the very least, it’s reassuring that new fashionistas and fashion creators look beyond their noses and worry about what’s going on around them whether they like it or not. For this reason, we see a phrase on some of their clothes that they print on the fabric, even though their intention is to mark the conscience. “Put yourself in someone else’s shoes” (Put yourself in someone else’s shoes).

“Put yourself in someone else’s shoes,” says Miguel Marín of LARHHA.

LARHHA was one of the companies that raised the most expectations in this edition. 080 Barcelona Fashionfinally returning to face-to-face fashion shows after a long and tedious digital phaseshows the designers’ collections in video format.

Miguel Marín, creative director of LARHHA

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