7 TV series and movie recommendations to watch on Apple TV |  Film and Television

7 TV series and movie recommendations to watch on Apple TV | Film and Television

Just a week ago, on the 4th of November, Selena Gomez has released her long-awaited documentary Selena Gomez: My Mind and I on Apple TV.It witnessed a three-year period from 2016 to 2019. While facing the United States tour, she had to learn to live with and cope with anxiety, depression, bipolarity, and lupus.disappearance from the public eye and the preparation and promotion of his second album, Rare.

There were many teachings that the singer left us throughout the documentary.with two months of free Apple TV to anyone who accesses it via the link shared on social networks with its premiere: It’s a great opportunity not only to get closer to Selena’s experiences, but also to enjoy a lesser known catalog in our country compared to other platforms.

Thousands of fans of the artist and people of all kinds did not want to miss the opportunity to access such promotions (as a general rule, the Apple TV trial period lasts only one week), but when accessing content, doubts about which movies and series are part of their catalog. For this reason, Today we recommend 7 TV shows and movies for you to keep an eye on on the platform.

1- Selena Gomez: My mind and me

We owe the top spot on this list to the singer who made this promotion possible. Most of those who tune into Apple TV to see what Selena Gomez has to say: an hour-and-a-half documentary The singer gives us a space on the channel to talk about her most personal side to date, her mental health issues, everything that’s been tormenting her day to day, and her way of learning until I got to I love myself and my job. I do. A testimony that will impress both the singer’s fans and people outside of her, because you don’t have to have extensive knowledge of Selena Gomez’s life to immerse yourself in this documentary.

2- Dickinson

In an approach similar to that taken by The Bridgertons during the British regency, Dickinson introduces us to the life of young poet Emily Dickinson, with a sensibility that mixes history, modernity, and the deliberately anachronistic.. It is a fiction that oscillates between drama and comedy as we witness the coming of age of the American poet trying to find his own voice while living the boundaries of society, family or gender.

3- Morning Show

Starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carell (what else does it take to keep a show going?), which aired for two seasons. The Morning Show chronicles the fall of some morning news as a result of a sex scandal. and a newsroom that shows us what’s going on behind the scenes and an attempt to be kept afloat by some presenters: competition, inequalities and power struggles are the protagonists of a series that offers a bold and accurate vision of everyday life. media.

4- Gateway

Produced and starring Jennifer Lawrence, the film was part of the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival. takes us into the life of a US Army soldier who had to return home after suffering a brain injury in Afghanistan.Having to deal with expectations that go wrong and start again in an environment that no longer feels like their own. Along the way, however, Brian Tyree will form an unlikely friendship with James, the mechanic played by Henry, who will help him adjust to his return to a completely different life than he is used to.

5- Severance pay

A mix of science fiction and psychological thrillers, this series introduces us to the life of Mark (Adam Scott), an employee of Lumon Industries. the company that freely submits its employees to the process of separating (from which the series is named) between memories of the workplace and memories of the personal space. What appears to be an advantage at first (workers forget their professional or personal lives, depending on whether they are inside or outside of this large company) is nothing more than the beginning of a conspiracy story where in reality nothing is as it seems.

6-Wolf Walkers

Wolfwalkers is a beautiful animated movie with a song by Norwegian artist Aurora for its soundtrack. A tale of tolerance and respect for the different, which introduces us to the story of Robyn, whose life changes completely when she decides to go on a wolf hunt with her father and eventually befriends a Native American girl. A tribe of wolf walkers who can take their soul out of their body and make them live in the body of a wolf while they sleep at night. Robyn will then be faced with a dilemma about what is right and wrong, and she will go through a series of experiences that will determine her path forever.


About this original Apple TV series (starring Nicole Kidman, Issa Rae, Betty Gilpin, and Cynthia Erivo, among others) an anthology that mixes comedy and surrealism to introduce us to the stories of different women who portray and exemplify different feminist issues: identity, gender roles or violence against women are some of the keys to its chapters.

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