Price comparison of Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video and other platforms to watch TV shows and movies

Price comparison of Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video and other platforms to watch TV shows and movies

The Covid pandemic has brought with it the rise of streaming services, which now continue to move chips across the board of the national audiovisual market. After the platforms retained their subscribers and confirmed the trend towards deferred consumption, they recently a general increase in rates and the proliferation of new competitors, It led to audience fragmentation and even the disaster of Lionsgate+ (formerly Starzplay), which announced its closure in our country.

We expect new platforms like SkyShowtime to arrive in Spain in 2023. The balance of current prices on the main platforms located in Spain.


It is one of the platforms with the highest number of subscribers in the world, with an endless catalog of original series such as Netflix. Crown, squid game, Money Robbery anyone stranger things. After some prices increased in Spain and the model came with advertising, The service offers viewers four subscription plans:

  • Basic Plan with Ads: €5.49 per month (one device only)
  • Basic Plan: €7.99 (one device only)
  • Standard Plan: 12.99 euros per month (two HD screens)
  • Premium Plan: 17.99 euros (four screens in Ultra HD)


After HBO Max replaced HBO Spain, the platform managed to hold a prominent place in the national broadcast market. A platform where we can find current series such as euphoria, White Lotus anyone Tokyo Viceas well as original Spanish fictions such as Everything else, Garcia! Y Poor devil. platform costs 8.99 euros per month For 3 devices, 5 profiles and download possibility. a price up 69,99 Euros with annual subscription.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon’s streaming service raised its price in September 2022. With a 30-day trial period, The cost of the platform is 49.90 Euros per year or 4.99 Euros per month.. Among the features of the platform, we find simultaneous access on 3 devices, X-Ray for movies and serials (system to identify actors, songs…) and savings in the use of consumer data. In this way, they can enjoy series like subscribers. men, power rings anyone peripheralas well as movies like Argentina, 1985, Samaritan anyone thirteen lives.


The House of Mickey Mouse has its own platform for the use of Disney, Fox, Marvel content… a price of 8.99 euros per month and 89.90 euros per year, That’s a two-month savings by only having to make 10 payments. The service offers the ability to enjoy up to four screens simultaneously on compatible devices and easy-to-use parental controls, so you can enjoy original series. Andor, Leaving anyone Pam and Tommyand similar movies light year, Disappointed anyone return of the witches 2.


with a catalog containing series such as ted lasso, servant anyone Legendary Quest, Apple TV+ allows its customers to use their device for 3 months free. Platform cost for other users 6.99 € per month, with a one-week free trial. Moreover, Apple One also allows monthly payment for Apple TV+ and other services:

  • Individual: 16.95 euros per month (TV+, Music, Arcade, iCloud+ with 50 GB)
  • Family: €22.95/month (TV+, Music, Arcade, iCloud+ with 200GB)
  • Premium: €31.95/month (TV+, Music, Arcade, iCloud+ with 2TB, Fitness+)


The Spanish platform offers content aimed at complementing current events, the best classics, documentaries and great premieres. Offers the option of the movie 7.99 Euro payment per month to access all content – with the possibility of two simultaneous devices – or 95.88 euros per year (currently only 60 euros) Black Friday). The company, which also operates in Portugal and Mexico, has also increased its original production with its launch in recent months. Doctor Portuondo and announcement self defense, Impostor Oswald: The Series Y self cassette tape.

Rakuten TV

Headquartered in Barcelona, ​​the Japanese company has access to various television channels, as well as thousands of TV series and movies that you can enjoy. The platform has a subscription model of 6.99 euros per month, free after the first month. In addition, Rakuten TV also offers free-to-view advertisements, where it is possible to rent movies or more current series at prices ranging from 2.99 euros to 13.99 euros.


To access all the content of the Movistar service, customers must have a contract. some of the company’s packages. The base prices for these services are Movistar+ Inicia (25 Euro), Movistar+ Fiction Selection (50 Euro), Movistar+ LaLiga Selection (58 Euro), Movistar+ Champions League Selection (50 Euro), Movistar+ Soccer Selection (70 Euro) and Movistar+ Total Plus. (100 Euros), plus other a la carte module and channel options and some promotions available on the platform.

The option most similar to the platforms used, Movistar+ LiteTogether 8 euros per month. The operator in this case does not matter, there is an inventory with the possibility of two simultaneous reproductions and the best humor programs, series ().fortune, Iron, riot gear), LaLiga SmartBank, Serie A, Bundesliga, Liga Endesa, tennis…


just for 3.99 € per month and with a 14-day trial you have access to the largest catalog of the best Spanish cinema in HD: from Luis García Berlanga to Pedro Almodóvar, including Bigas Luna, Fernando Fernán Gómez or the Trueba family. It is an expandable option. annual subscription 39.99 euros.


Although this streaming service is one of the most unknown in Spain, it is also one of the most exclusive. A tribute to the best of international cinema with filmmaker retrospectives, spotlights at major film festivals and handpicked films. With a 30-day trial period, Mubi offers various subscription types for all viewers:

  • Students: 5.99 euros per month
  • Quarterly subscription: 29.99 euros
  • Annual subscription: 69.99 Euros


The American television network AMC (American Movie Classics) is behind the creation of such phenomena as walking Dead, breaking Bad anyone Crazy manlanded in Spain just a few months ago, with its own television channel. A new plan after years of having to sell their content to third parties for international distribution. AMC+ is available at: 3.99 Euro subscription per month, by subscription Orange TV, Vodafone TV, Prime Video or Apple TV. In doing so, a price that rises to 4.95 Euros jazz tv.

Fear of the Planet

Genre movie lovers have their own platforms. The best films from horror and fantasy festivals can be viewed at: Less than 2 Euros for monthly subscriptions and 19.99 for annual subscriptionsin a catalog presented on various platforms and with weekly premieres.

Atresplayer Premium

While the Atresmedia platform has a free section for its viewers, the truth is that the most lucrative content is found in the premium section. There we find serials with great success, for example Poison, Route, age of anger, Thistle anyone gypsy bride. In addition to its exclusive and original content, Atresplayer Premium has ad-free previews and allows offline downloads. 4.99 euros per month or 49.99 per year.

Mitele Plus

Like the Atresmedia platform, the Mediaset streaming service has its own premium section where we find original fiction, shows and soap operas of the moment. A platform where we find serials such as village serverFiction starring Volodímir Zelenski and films with the participation of Telecinco Cinema. Mitele Plus offers up to five payment methods:

  • Kanal D Drama: 3 euros per month
  • mitele PLUS Cine AContra+: 4 euros per month
  • mitele PLUS Series: 3 euros per month
  • mitele PLUS Combat Sport: 5 euros per month
  • Basic mitele PLUS (International): 5 euros per month or 42 euros per year

acorn tv

Known as the British content platform, Acorn TV is available at: € 1.99 per month, By accessing through Prime Video. A new service that includes various movie genres and productions from television channels such as BBC, Channel 4 or ITV.

Vodafone TV / Orange TV

In general, Spanish telecommunications services have their own television offerings. Although Movistar+ Lite is the platform with the most access, there are hundreds of TV series and movies suitable for all audiences and many television channels on Orange and Vodafone platforms. They also allow combinations of some of the platforms mentioned above.

Some services that are both accessible in addition to other services, such as mobile telephony, and that can be purchased independently. In the case of In Vodafone TV we find several types of subscriptions:

  • Seriefans Package: 10 Euros per month
  • Familyfans Package: 11 euros per month
  • Serielovers Package: 14 Euros per month
  • Familylovers Package: 15 Euros per month
  • More Cinema Packages: 5 euros per month
  • Documentary Package: 8 euros per month
  • Music Package: 10 Euros per month
  • Sports Package: 6 Euros per month
  • Hunting Package: 7 Euros per month
  • Adult Package: 10 Euros per month

on his behalf Orange TV also has numerous options for contracting its interactive digital television.. Thus, we find offers that vary according to the number of contracted phone lines and contracted megabytes or gigabytes. Some of the top recruits are:

  • Go Max Movies and Series (with Netflix and TV series): 35 euros for the first three months / after 50 euros
  • Love Cinema and Series (with Netflix and cartoons): 50.25 euros for the first three months / 67 euros after
  • Love Cinema and TV Series Total (single line): 72.75 euros for the first three months / 97 euros thereafter

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