If you loved '1899', you must see these 3 movies from their creators.

If you loved ‘1899’, you must see these 3 movies from their creators.

1899A new Netflix series became one of the biggest hits of the year. The story of Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese unexplained event and the extraordinary in the middle of the sea dazzled those who saw it. It also showed that the director and screenwriter couple is one of the greatest creative duos of the past decade.

With his elaborate, mysterious style and ability to infuse the inexplicable with an emotional element, 1899 surprises as well as movements. As if that wasn’t enough, he travels through a split version of reality that is as complex as it is strange to surprise with his power. Nothing is simple in the new Netflix series. However, it is not just its complexity that makes production successful. It is also the enigmatic component that sustains each of the narrative sequences and environments.

But the success of the entertainers is not accidental. Even before it became a worldwide phenomenon previous title on Netflix, Dark, both had already demonstrated their ability to create extraordinary stories. So much so that his short filmography showed that his talent lay in exploring human nature through beauty and grace. something with both Dark What 1899 It was fully featured, but was already evident in previous productions of the creative duo.

We leave you three movies that you must watch. Dark Y 1899 They moved and surprised you. A way to better understand Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese’s work as a creative team, if not without deep artistic sensibilities.

Who I Am: No system is secure

Considered one of the best German films of all time in 2014, the film is a genius when it comes to resource saving and visual elegance. movie before 1899 tells his story a young hacker who realizes his skills are more than cheating or illegal means. What gives the story an air of assertion in the middle of a scene? ultra-technical and well-constructed that surprises with its narrative effectiveness.

What all cyber tension worth it, it is also a reflection of the modern moral journey. The destructive and the need to rebel against the system becomes a sophisticated vision of good and evil. Baran bo Odar transforms a cynical European scenario and a view towards more complex places amid the relevant social debates. Especially when the ability to influence or not influence information networks is linked to identity, the need to understand the environment, and power.

But the glory of the film is found in its characters. Benjamin (Tom Schilling) is an unnamed genius who finds his way into recognition through hacking. But what seems like a dark game about intelligence and homing, becomes a fanciful interpretation of the possibility of evil. What is violence, cruelty and manipulation in a time full of nuances? The movie properly delves into it until it finds the most painful and perhaps sarcastic answers.

revenge night

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Vincent Downs (Jamie Foxx) finds himself in the middle of a violent scenario. An event that could lead to his death, or worse, the murder of his son. As a police officer entangled in a web of corruption that surpasses him, he is both a hostage and a victim. So he must make the impossible choice to survive or fight the corrupt world around him.

Baran bo Odar manages to create a dark and light suspense atmosphere. this detective thriller bases its effectiveness and strength on a review of morality. Outside of the ultra-technological environments he used as narrative elements until then, such as 1899 or Dark, the German director shines with his ability to explore pain. Also, going through unconventional places, bound together by a kind of morality drenched in gray voids that surprises with its subtlety.

On the contrary revenge night A clever combination between frenzied action and violence, it’s also a glimpse into human nature. What would we be willing to do to save what is most dear to us? Moreover, what do we sacrifice to fight and fight the fears and possibilities of fear shown in multiple scenarios? Odar doesn’t answer all questions. But yes, make an elegant roadmap for them to be part of an in-depth look through the contemporary human spirit.

ice silence

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When a horrific crime begins to repeat itself, a retired police officer Find a way to find the elements that unite both events. On this occasion, the duo of Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese manages to come up with a dark and sophisticated vision of violence that is admirable with its precision – precisely in the style of 1899 or Dark. Ice Silence It is much more than a journey through time to harmful places and a perception of spiritual pain.

Moreover, well built look through unexplored territories about time, the passage of stories of violence, and their collective impact. With its unforgettably beautiful atmosphere – attention to the frozen and silent landscapes loaded with symbols – the movie about violence continues. beyond traditional scenarioss. At the same time, as more than a decision, beyond the power of time and the possibility of the relationship between good and evil.

What kills a murderer? What makes the possibility of finding an answer to a crime a moral duty? Big questions become a huge field of hardness that leads to a single answer. The darkest regions of the human mind and behavior.

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