The films 'As bestas' and 'Cincolojitos' and the series 'La ruta' became the favorites of the 2023 Feroz Awards

The films ‘As bestas’ and ‘Cincolojitos’ and the series ‘La ruta’ became the favorites of the 2023 Feroz Awards

‘La maternal’ by Pilar Palomero of Aragon selects three nominations at IAEC awards


The Feroz 2023 Awards ceremony will return to the Aragonese capital for the second consecutive year on January 28 to present the awards in its X edition. ‘As Bestas’ and Cinco Lobitos’; In the series category, ‘La ruta’ plays the leading role.

Actors Mina El Hammani and Carlos Cuevas were responsible for announcing the names of the films, TV series and professionals that will compete for the statuette at the gala. Sara Fernández, Deputy Mayor and City Councilor for Culture and Foreign Projection, attended the event held at the Pablo Gargallo Museum in the Aragonese capital; and María Guerra, president of the Spanish Association of Cinematographic Informers (AICE).

Rodrigo Sorogoyen’s ‘As Bestas’ tops the list with ten nominations for best dramatic film; the best direction; best actress, with Marina Foïs; with the best lead actor, Denis Ménochet; two nominations for Best Supporting Actor, Diego Anido and Luis Zahera; best screenplay, Sorogoyen and Isabel Peña of Aragon; The best original music by Olivier Arson; best trailer, Miguel Ángel Trudu; and the best poster by Jordi Rins and Lucía Faraig.

‘Five little wolves’ compete for seven awards: best dramatic film; best actress, with Laia Costa; with best supporting actress, Susi Sánchez; best supporting actor, Ramón Barea; best screenplay, Alauda Ruiz de Azúa; and the best original music, by Aránzazu Calleja.

The third most nominated film is ‘Cerdita’, with six nominations, including Best Direction by Carlota Pereda; for best actress, Laura Galán; best supporting actress, Carmen Machi; best screenplay, best trailer; and better poster.

‘Modelo 77’ for its part garnered five nominations for best dramatic film; Best lead actor with Miguel Herrán; Best Supporting Actor with Jesús Carroza; best original music; and the best trailer; and ‘One year, one night’, which was nominated for best dramatic film with four films; Best lead actor for Nahuel Pérez Biscayart; best case scenario; and the best original music.

‘Alcarrás’, ‘Girasoles silvestres’, ‘Mantícora’ and ‘La Maternal’ were nominated in three categories, the last being directed by Pilar Palomero of Aragon, nominated for best director; Best Actress for Carla Quílez; and Best Supporting Actress with Ángela Cervantes.

Best lead actor, two nominations in ‘Margins’ with Luis Tosar; and best supporting actress, with Adelfa Calvo–; ‘The Rite of Spring’, which competed with Emma Suárez for best supporting actress; better poster anyway; “The crooked lines of God” for best original music and best trailer; and ‘Vasil’ with Karra Elejalde for best comedy and best lead actor.

On the other hand, ‘Official competition’ –by Jaume Roures–, ‘Fourth passenger’ –Álex de la Iglesia, Carolina Bang, Álvaro Augustín, Ghislain Barrois–, ‘You have to come and see’ — Javier Lafuente, Jonás Trueba- – and ‘I’m going to have a good time’ — Enrique López Lavigne, Diego Suarez Chialvo, Pablo Cruz — will all be nominated for best comedy.


One of the innovations this year is the award for the best series script for the entire team that worked in the same season. The first to compete for a statuette in the newly created category were the authors of ‘Blackout’, ‘Self-defense’, ‘Easy’, ‘Intimacy’ and ‘La ruta’.

Nominees for best drama series ‘¡García!’; “Blackout”; ‘Privacy’; ‘Route’; and ‘Rapa. Likewise, the category of best comedy series has four titles that will try to win the award instead of the usual five, because the award rules limit the number of nominations to less than 20 works, so they are registered in this section. These will be ‘Defense’, ‘Easy’, ‘Last in line’ and ‘I don’t like driving’.

Nerea Barros for her role in Gypsy Bride, nominated for best actress in a TV series; Itziar Ituño for ‘Intimacy’; Monica Lopez “Rapa”; Nathalie Poza for ‘Unity’; and Claudia Salas for ‘La ruta’.

Therefore, the actors who desire to win the best lead actor statuette in a series, Juan Diego Botto for ‘I don’t like to drive’; Luis Callejo for ‘Blackout’; Javier Cámara for “Rapa”; Álex García for ‘Immortal’; and Álex Monner for “La ruta”.

Again, due to the draws, there are six finalists in the cast of a series, both in the male and female categories. These included Luis Zahera for “La unidad” and Jesús Carroza for “Apagón”, which doubled in the same film category as “As bestas” and “Modelo 77”, respectively. Ricardo Gómez accompanies this duo for ‘La ruta’; ‘¡Garcia!’ for Emilio Gutierrez Caba; David Lorente for “I don’t like to drive”; and Vicente Romero for ‘The Gypsy Bride’.

Marian Álvarez was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for ‘La unidad’; for ‘La ruta’ with Elisabet Casanovas; Coria Castillo for ‘Easy’; Patricia López Arnaiz for ‘Intimacy’; Lucia Veiga for “Rapa”; and Leonor Watling for “I don’t like to drive.”


Zaragoza director Pilar Palomero’s ‘La Maternal’ is competing with three nominations for these awards. Among them are vying for best director, along with three other directors — Carla Simón, Carlota Pereda and Alauda Ruiz de Azúay — and Rodrigo Sorogoyen.

In this sense, IAEC president María Guerra celebrated that four of the five nominees in this category were women, explaining: “We wanted to highlight all of them their vision of reality and the rural world; a very different look at a male-dominated art like Cinema”.

María Guerra also appreciated the work of screenwriter Isabel Peña, another Aragonese who won two awards for ‘As Bestas’ and ‘Apagón’.

Sara Fernández, the deputy mayor of Zaragoza, emphasized once again that it is a source of pride to host the Feroz Awards and to be “even more so in this very special edition”. He also emphasized that this cultural event “turns Zaragoza into a movie city”, which will be filled with many activities before the ceremony to be held on January 28.

“We will celebrate the creativity, talent and professionalism of the audio-visual sector, and we will do it from here by showing the best face of an open and welcoming city different from Zaragoza,” Fernández confirmed.


The Feroz 2023 Awards, which will be hosted by Zaragoza for the second time in a row, will feature a total of 21 categories, including eleven films, seven TV series, two Feroz Arrebato Awards and the Feroz de Honor awarded to Pedro Almodóvar.

The tenth anniversary ceremony will be held at the Zaragoza Auditorium and the red carpet and gala will be broadcast live on Feroz Awards Youtube channel.

On December 15, the nominees for the Feroz Arrebato Fiction and Nonfiction Awards, which aim to reward works with special artistic achievements and innovative contributions in their fields, will be announced.

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