Completed in Josefina Easton Rein: I always try to improve myself a little more

Completed in Josefina Easton Rein: I always try to improve myself a little more

The vice national champion trained with Marcelo Guzmán in the United States for three months and completed the Preciosura for the Qualifiers.

Josephine Easton champion this weekend City Rodeo in Free Series of the club melipeuco between Cautin Association with 38 points riding Los Acacios de Itihue to Preciousness and entered the 2022-2023 Season Qualifiers. The current national vice-champion in the discipline, the driver spent three months working in the United States. Marcelo Guzman and hopes that everything learned from this experience translates into good results this season.

– Are you happy with the good score you got this weekend?

“I’m very happy. This filly is complete, I did the first requirement two weeks ago in Vilcún and finished the second with a great score last weekend, so I’m very happy to have completed it”

– How was it precious?

“Beauty is doing well, I’m just taking it back, because I’ve been in the United States for three months, so I was semi-limp after Rancagua. I got it back, came two weeks ago and did the first requirement. It was a little heavy, such that it was super big until last weekend. it’s evolved, the improvement has been noticed, and I hope it continues to improve when we think about the Qualifiers. I think it’s going super well.”

– Last season was so good for you, you were fighting for the championship inch by inch with Romané Soto…

“The ideal is to repeat this presentation, so I will continue to work on the horses, like last year I have Preciosura and Año Nuevo, so you have to put a lot of effort into it, work on them and work on them.” We can try to more or less repeat last year’s season.”

– You were close…

“Yes, it’s close. This year we will try to achieve the same thing and more, always trying to improve a little bit more.”

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– How is the New Year?

“Okay, I still need to start working on it, I just came in two weeks ago so I focused on the mare that needs it. The colt needs to be complete as vice-champion so I’m a little calmer with it.. But I’ll start working on it and also see how it’s doing.” But the colt is very complete, a little bit easier, so it shouldn’t be that complicated to get him in. There’s still three months left for the Qualifiers, so we’ll try to slowly but surely do better in the Qualifiers than last year.”

– Have horses been overlooked in the United States?

“The truth is that I went to study horses with Marcelo Guzmán. There were also Chilean horses, so it wasn’t that bad, but I missed my horses. I have learned a lot, many things that will be useful to me and many things that I felt were useful about it It has been very little time since I returned to the topic of Horses. It was such a great opportunity to be gone and it will help me a lot to work on my horses and as a rider I feel that it has helped me with my riding. I hope I can benefit from everything I’ve learned and it will serve to achieve better things this year.”

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– Was that trip for this, to learn and gain experience? How was it?

“Last year I felt like I was missing out on having to train my horses, and that’s when I thought of going out and learning a little more somewhere. Marcelo, who sold me to Preciosura. He invited me there a lot before he went to the United States. La Serena’ when he called me to congratulate me for my grade, he said I had to go. I was left alone with the question if I could go. I suddenly finished college and wondered what I was doing now and thought this was the perfect moment because it was to go to work or do something different. I went there to improve my technique as a rider. And to learn a little more to be able to work my horses on the bridle. That was the idea and I think it came true. One should always keep learning, but I feel like I learned a lot, it was very important good experience”.

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– You ran well at the last rodeo…

“Yes, I ran two leashes. One was a very tough rodeo at Melipeuco for the breeders where my dad (Juan Easton) won the series with 13 points, and then we ran three bulls in the championship with that pair. “Leo” and Alvarado ran a mixed collar and hit the fourth bull. “We’ve got there, so it’s been a super weekend. I ran three bulls with one collar, the other fourth bull and completed the Preciosura. Now I’m going to keep running because the Bridle horses are ready, so I’ll try to run as high as I can.”

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