Get to know the haute couture design of the young Posada student that shines at the "Missions to the World" parade

Get to know the haute couture design of the young Posada student that shines at the “Missions to the World” parade

After the final parade meeting where Misiones al Mundo and Misiones designers showcased their art and creativity,The haute couture design of invited Epet 2 student Micaela Gimenez talked about the making of her dress and her future plans to become a fashion designer at Cadena de Noticias this Thursday.

The orientation chosen by Giménez is Apparel Industry and Textile Apparel Products, a student currently in the penultimate year of secondary education, reassuring that. After completing these, she will study in the third year of le Epet 2, a career as a High Technician in Fashion Design and Clothing Production.

After being invited to participate in the “Missions to the World” parade with her creature, she said she was delighted with all the work that went into haute couture design, from nerves to choosing a fabric and imagining a garment on it. Notice that the night of the parade in question was highly praised, but the subject matter’s teacher was left behind to proficiency, he said with a laugh.

“It was my first big design with corset, I learned to work with corset and haute couture fabrics” explained that the skirt in the front is shorter and the skirt in the back is longer and has microtulle

She also stated that the inspiration to start with was from fabric a long time ago, because she was looking for the raw material before even dreaming of the design, not finding herself in an alley before creating a dress that required certain fabrics. and that won’t find them, He noted that it is common not to find a wide selection of haute couture fabrics..

“I saw the fabric and I really wanted to do something with it and I started imagining what I was going to do in my head because I first imagined it and then represented it in the drawing” He added that he was already thinking about prototypes and how the patterns could be combined, and that the first versions of the dress were designed.

He noted his teacher’s help to bring the idea to life, start with the excellent details and design that will grab many looks at the World Missions meeting at that moment.

According to the future clothing designer, the dress is formal yet versatile, as it is suitable for celebrations such as receptions or attending a wedding, among other events.

The model seen in the video, He said it was a haute couture design.It was introduced with one of the workshops organized within the institution.

The expense incurred by student Gimenez to make the haute couture piece, About 15,000 thousand pesos, as there are baked rhinestones in addition to fabrics. with great refinement in the bust part.

On the other hand, the student from the educational institution Epet 2, they are currently teaching him the working world of the apparel entrepreneur, as well as about cHow to establish a trademark and start the registration process?; The requester must be older than 18, which is the age that the adolescent will complete next year.

Regarding his first year in Epet 2, he said:You start with basic molding, fabric cutting, measuring, this is a very good career, I knew I loved fashion design since I was little. Those who said, “I used to sew clothes for my doll with my grandmother” stated that they learned to work in every field of clothing, from mass production to personalized design, to embroidery, and even from machine knitting to embroidery.

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