Free movies to watch with kids: adventures, animation and fantasy

Free movies to watch with kids: adventures, animation and fantasy

The little ones at home also have their own selection of movies. Movies to watch with family at your fingertips RTVE Playback have fun together. Open the popcorn bag, throw yourself on the couch with the kids and explore all kinds of movie universes. Space travel, offshore adventures and real fantasies.

In the catalog you will find the Goya winner psychonauts (2015) and other animated titles, for example Elcano and Magellan, the world’s first patrol (2019), northern norman (2016), Dixi and the zombie rebellion (2014) or dragon rider (2020).

Explore the entire movie catalog. In all this and more we are cinema and RTVE Playback!

cranston academy (2020)

Cranston Academy: School of Monsters (2020)

Danny, a brilliant high school student, is offered a scholarship to Cranston Academy, a prestigious school for geniuses. However, Danny accidentally opens a portal to another dimension where dangerous monsters invade his new school. Danny, along with his roommate Liz and the moth-man, who turns out to be a scientist trapped in this dimension a long time ago, must defeat them to save the school. look here. Available until 29 November 2022.

dragon rider (2020)

“Dragon Rider” (2020)

Lung, a young silver dragon, is tired of hiding from the men in the forest and wants to show the elders of the clan that he is a real dragon. As humans are about to destroy his family’s last refuge, Lung embarks on a secret adventure with his friend Brimstone in search of Heaven’s Edge, which legends says is the haven of dragons. look here. Available until 30 June 2025.

The rhythm of the forest, movie (2020)

The rhythm of the forest, movie

Fneep, an alien, crashes his ship into the African jungle. There he meets Munki, Trompa and other animals from the gang. Her new friends want to teach her about friendship and fun before her father, a space conqueror, takes over the planet, which was her goal. look here

StarDog and TurboCat (2019)

StarDog and TurboCat

In 1969, a dog named Buddy was launched into space in a space capsule by his owner, David. But the chamber doesn’t work and Buddy remains frozen and floats in space. 50 years later, Buddy comes to Glenfield, a small town where pets are no longer welcome. Desperate and confused, she meets Felix, a vigilante millionaire cat, and persuades her to help him save the space capsule so its owner can find it. look here

Garfield’s Fun Festival (2008)

Garfield’s Fun Festival

Welcome annual animation festival As always, a cat fond of lasagna wins… GARFIELD’S Could there be a new winner this year? Probably because there’s a new competitor… look here.

garfield in real life (2007)

garfield in real life

Trying to escape the boredom of paper life, Garfield soon realizes that real cats don’t have the same advantages as paper hairs… and bloodthirsty Chihuahuas and dog bodybuilders await around every corner. But with the help of some interesting new friends and some old colleagues, Garfield learns through his crazy adventures that the truth is not just in the real world, but where the heart is. look here

Orm in the Snow Kingdom (2014)

Orm in the Snow Kingdom

The Snow Queen was defeated and the cold ended. Orm writes to his friend Gerda that he is trying to free all the trolls who were frozen by the evil witch, despite the obstacles of his boss. But one day a strange creature abducts Princess Maribel and Orm offers to go look for her. Whoever gets the young troll back will marry him and become the king of the trolls. look here

Mina and the world of dreams (2020)

Mina and the world of dreams

Mina’s life is turned upside down when her father moves into the house of his new girlfriend, Helena, and his estranged daughter, Jenny. One night, Mina discovers the world of dreams with some builders tasked with creating them. Mina begins manipulating Jenny’s dreams, but with dire consequences and Jenny is too trapped to wake up. Mina must delve into the world of dreams to confront her dreams of saving Jenny and her new family. look here.

Pinky and the Magic Mirror (2014)

Pinky and the Magic Mirror

Meñique is a small farmer who wants to lift his family out of poverty and goes to the city with his brothers. On the way, they learn that a huge enchanted oak tree is keeping the King’s Palace in darkness and without water. look here.

Ploey: You will never fly alone. (2018)

Ploey: You’ll Never Fly Alone (2018)

Ploey is a small plover that has trouble learning to fly. His fear of heights is so great that he has never left the nest. When her family migrates to escape the cold, Ploey is forced to face her fears. However, with the help of new friends, Ploey finds the courage to survive multiple dangers, face voracious and vicious predators, and become a hero just in time to reunite with his loved ones next spring. look here. Available until 14 December 2024.

spy cat (2019)

spy cat

Agent 00-Cat, Marnie, is a playful pet cat who is loved by her family and never leaves her home. Although She is very curious, all she knows about the world is what she sees on TV, and she believes that all the stories on the screen are true. look here.

northern norman (2016)

Norman del Norte, the movie is available on RTVE Play crop

Norman and his friends prepare for his grandfather’s wedding ceremony in the North and promise to take care of everything, but Norman and his children realize that something strange is going on on the Smoky Mountain Glacier. look here.

Pérez, the little mouse of your dreams (2006)

Cine Clan – ‘Pérez, the little mouse of your dreams’ Frame 1

‘Pérez, the little mouse of your dreams’ Frame

Lucía is a very restless girl who always designs games for fun. His father, Santiago, is an unemployed chef and his mother, Pilar, a successful architect who spends little time with his family. One night, Lucía loses her first tooth and the little mouse Pérez takes it, but doesn’t give her the money she expects. look here.

Pérez, the little mouse of your dreams 2 (2008)

“Pérez, the little mouse of my dreams 2”

Lucas is eight years old and wants to know how the Tooth Fairy replaced children’s teeth for coins without anyone seeing him. As he tries to find out, all he gets is that Pérez falls into the hands of Gil Penkoff, an unscrupulous businessman who will try to become a millionaire by selling the mouse’s secrets. look here.

toys and pets (2017)

Cine Clan – Frame ‘Toys and pets’

Frame ‘Toys and pets’

Nathan is a small tea figurine that doesn’t change color when wet, which is very important to him. When he encounters a robot he calls Timebot, he tries to find out what’s wrong with his help. There’s only one place they can answer him, and for that both friends will run into a lot of trouble with the Flash, an evil sewer rat who’s going to get their way all the way. look here.

Elcano and Magellan (2019)

“Elcano and Magallanes, the world’s first tour” (2019), available on RTVE Play

Nominated for Best Animated Feature Film. Goya Awards 2019Platino Awards and Quirino AwardsÁngel Alonso’s film chronicles one of history’s greatest achievements and One of the most exciting adventures ever told: First trip around the world.

A journey that began under Magellan’s command but ended by Juan Sebastián Elcano. Storms, hunger, cold, diseases, tribes, betrayals and incredible adventures of all kinds They will appear before our heroes. look here.

psychonauts (2015)

Image from ‘Psychonauts’

Image from ‘Psychonauts’

Pisconauts, lost children It is one of the best adult and youth films made in recent years. In fact, it was made with numerous awards, Best Animated Film Goya between them. It’s not for the youngest in the house, but for seeing with kids changing school for the institute. A raw but sensitive story about the world of drugs, the restlessness and frustration of the social and family oppressions of the different. look here.

Dixie and the zombie riot (2014)

“Dixie and the Zombie Rebellion”

‘Dixie and the Zombie Revolt’ Frame

Just as Dixie is starting to do well in school, bad news arrives. Former zombie friends Isis and Gonner warn of an impending invasion: the evil Nigreda is leading a rebellion against mortals whose goal is to conquer the world. As the guardian of the magical Azoth, only she can stop him!

Directed by Ricardo Ramón and Benat Beitia, two nominations, one for the Goya awards and the other for the Platino awardsfor both best animated movie. Look here.

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