Ministry of Science promotes scientific pillars in Buenos Aires Province

Ministry of Science promotes scientific pillars in Buenos Aires Province

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation is promoting projects in Buenos Aires Province, with a total financing of 2,933,525,007 pesos for the construction of infrastructure and technological capacities in Quilmes, Berazategui, Baradero, Tres Arroyos and General Madariaga. Federal Program “Build Science”. In this sense, Daniel Filmus, head of the Science portfolio, signed executive agreements with the mayor of Berazategui, Juan José Mussi; Mayra Mendoza of Quilmes; Carlos Santoro of General Madariaga; Carlos Sánchez of Tres Arroyos; Baradero, Esteban Sanzio, and Alfredo Alfonso, rector of the National University of Quilmes. Axel Kicillof, Governor of Buenos Aires; Augusto Costa, Minister of Production, Science and Technological Innovation of the Province of Buenos Aires; Pablo Nuñez, Under Secretary for Institutional Coordination; among others.

“When we discuss the current problems of the country, we are basically discussing what the country model is. There are two models. When preparing budgets, attention should be paid to where that country is going. There is a model that can prioritize primary production or financial speculation, making people worse every day; There is something else that adds value to raw materials, adds science and technology, adds transfer and generates jobs, and is the only way to have a different future,” Filmus said. “The countries with the most wealth are those that can combine the growth model with the production model,” he said.

“The State of Buenos Aires invests very strongly in science and technology, while the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires drives 0.001 percent despite a law that states it must invest 1 percent per year in science and technology,” he said. In this sense, he stated that “it seems important for us to be able to provide support” and that there are 20 planned works “federally” for the Province of Buenos Aires, and listed some of them in the Province -in addition to the ones mentioned. – developed as the Research and Development Center of the Arturo Jauretche National University (Florencio Varela); Interagency Center for Marine Research-CIIMAR (Mar del Plata); R&D+i Biotechnology–UNAHUR building (Hurlingham); Biosciences lab (Jose C. Paz); industrial plant for manufacturing lithium batteries and batteries – UniLiB (La Plata), among others.

“It’s another busy year of work. You have to pick up where you left off and keep moving forward. We have to work much harder. We have to defend SMEs. Science and technology as a fundamental bastion for creating sovereignty and well-being,” the Minister concluded.

“With this investment in infrastructure,” the governor said, “While technological innovation requires articulation with the private sector, great advances in research, science and technology in Argentina have always had the active participation of the State.” We will be able to continue to support technological applications that will improve production processes and enable us to meet the needs of our people.” Kicillof pointed out that “these technology centers will facilitate the bond and contact between the science sector and Buenos Aires SMEs, as well as be a new impetus for the industrial parks of our province, where it will cooperate with the training of workers and skilled workers, and the expansion of the fabric industry”.

Technological Incubation and Development Center – Quilmes TEC
MINCyT will contribute a total of 282,652,569 pesos to the National Quilmes University (UNQ) to fund the Centre, which aims to incubate companies and initiatives whose economic activities are driven by the application of complex technologies (development companies and cooperatives). and computer services, biotechnology, automation and robotic services, and the physical or virtual establishment of companies and cooperatives, among others.

Science and Technology Education Center-Quilmes TEC
MINCyT will contribute 466,791,354 pesos to the municipality to achieve its goal of creating a space to experiment in the technologies of the future, and a link with Public Policy for the professional practice of students in the sector and for the promotion of Employment and education, and to work in areas and issues related to the knowledge economy and ICT. education.

Technological Pole Berazategui
The Municipality of Berazategui will receive 1,197,000,000 pesos to build infrastructure and technological capabilities leading to the development of technologies derived from biotechnology, food engineering, robotics and information technology, which are central elements for innovation and competitiveness in the local manufacturing sector.

General Madariaga Technological Pole
MINCyT will contribute 98,537,895 pesos to the municipality to achieve its goal of creating a Technological Pole that meets the specificity of the local productive structure for the development of different educational, productive and technological activities in the field of ICT and knowledge. technology. .

Technological Services Center Tres Arroyos Industrial Park
MINCyT will contribute 178,716,375 pesos to the municipality to achieve its goal of regionally promoting socio-productive development resulting from strengthening the link between the Provincial Scientific-Technological System; local production network and Provincial Government.

Robotics, Automation and Sensors Center – Baradero
MINCyT will contribute 709,826,814 pesos to the municipality to achieve its goal of developing a technological center equipped with infrastructure and innovative equipment for the training and operation of applied research human resources around commercial sensors.

On “Building Science”
The aim of the program is to contribute to the strengthening of the scientific research, development and technological innovation institutional capacities of the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation (SNCTI) institutions through the strengthening of building infrastructures with a federal structure in mind. perspective.

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