Interactive whiteboards, inclusive education and the Zenbo Junior II robot, educational innovations presented at SIMO

Interactive whiteboards, inclusive education and the Zenbo Junior II robot, educational innovations presented at SIMO

MADRID, 24 November (Portaltik/EP) –

this International Educational Technology and Innovation Fair, SIMO EDUCATIONIt has been the setting for the presentation of some of them. Industry News offered by technology companies such as interactive whiteboards of the dahuaoptions Safe and inclusive education from Microsoft or ASUS Zenbo Junior II robot.

The fair, which took place at IFEMA (Madrid) this week, brought together some of the leading technology brands to present the developments in the education sector to students and educators of all levels, under its slogan. ‘From the digital class to the metaverse. Journey to the future of education!’.

One of the participating brands was the electronics and robotics company. Asusshowing some of its devices designed to solve challenges faced by students and educatorsas well as helping to develop the minds of the next generation”, as detailed in a press release.

Such devices include ASUS, Zenbo Junior IIa robot interactive designed to help you be more productivealso for to stimulate interest Y get more out of AI all kinds of everyday situations. It can be used for robot create conversations and interactive activities with studentsto help practice discussion and listening skills.

ASUS also showed the mini computer ASUS PB62-B5209AH11th Gen Intel Core processors, Windows 10 Pro support and up to 64GB of RAM, 2.5-inch hard drive and USB 3.2 Gen. Equipped with 2, robust and high performance.

Likewise, during the convention, ASUS introduced the laptop. ASUS BR1100FDesigned for students due to the convenience of the 360º opening touchscreen; the CX1 and Flip CR1 Chromebooks, designed to increase productivity everywhere; and laptop ASUS ExpertBook Premium B9It is aimed at professionals who need a lot of mobility thanks to its “elegant and minimalist” design, high autonomy capacity and “advanced technologies for efficiency”.


On behalf of the company dahua technology He joined SIMO with his presentation. smart interactive display Dahua DeepHub. It is a device designed for facilitate interaction both in the field of education, whether in small or large training classrooms or in offices with meeting or exhibition halls.

As Dahua reports, active learning in the classroom is “enabled” with this interactive whiteboard. It can use with a switchable Android or Windows systemso that teachers can use teaching tools they are already familiar with.

Also, it is possible andUse with both face-to-face and online studentswill be able to interact with teachers in real time through their own electronic devices.

Dahua DeepHub, a zero air gap technologyIt provides a smooth typing experience with a response time of less than 8 ms. Even, allows multiple simultaneous writes. They monitor UHD 4K and have mobile design to facilitate the transfer of the whiteboard.

On the other hand, it offers motion controlallowing operation from anywhere in the room and integrated 4K cameratogether with a matrix eight microphonesmakes it easier video conferences and provides a good face-to-face communication experience.

Also …. have AI functions, like follow sound and auto-framing, that is, it features audio tracking that intelligently positions and frames the speaker.


Microsoft Another technology company that shared education news at SIMO. Special, launched a safe, affordable and easy-to-manage offer to create “inclusive learning experiences” through improvements in accessibility and personalized learning.

as stated by Francisco García Calvo, Director of Microsoft Education in Spain“With the use of artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies, our goal is to make classroom solutions more accessible, automatically and as simple as spell checking, for example, is today. We strive for an inclusive and fair education for all.”

Microsoft advocates Improving the situation of students with special education needs. Offered the tool for this “Microsoft Immersive Reader”In addition, a free immersive reader deciphering text for students with difficulties such as dyslexiait also improves reading and comprehension for all students.

integrated Microsoft 365 apps or Microsoft Edge browserIt makes it possible to access the same text in more than 70 languages.

Another of the tools recommended by Microsoft is ‘reading coach’also for situations that imply reading Individualized exercises tailored to each student’s needs. When the text is finished, the student receives feedback on the words they had the most difficulty with.

“OneNote Live Captions”On his behalf, a Simultaneous translation of the teacher’s speechstudent taking notes. According to Microsoft, this It is very useful for students with hearing difficulties.

On the other hand, Microsoft importance of security and privacyespecially with student data. “Although students have access to technology by nature, they need digital literacy skills,” the company said.

based on Find out which links are safe or what content to browseThe company plans to provide teachers with tools to improve “digital hygiene” For example, students New features of your Microsoft Edge browserprovides tools. make it easy for administrators to deploy and configure policies and features Helps protect students from phishing and other attacks.

Regarding electronic devices, during SIMO, Microsoft taught: “Surface Notebook SE”, Microsoft’s most affordable device focused on educationAlready Available for reservation in Spain, although it arrives at the end of the year. Specifically, this is a Lightweight and stylish laptop designed to get the most out of Windows 11 SE.

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