The best kids movies for kids of 2022

The best kids movies for kids of 2022

We are approaching the end of 2022, which has left many premieres behind. movies suitable for all tastes and colours.

At Hobby Consoles we are currently striking a balance at the cinematographic level by breaking down the highlights of the year by genre.


Kids movies that adults will love

Today is the time to focus cinema While most of these films that focus on children tend to be shameless or unlucky, some Titles to stand out with those that both the little ones in the house and the adults can enjoy.

Below we review what they are The best kids movies for kids of 2022, according to the editorial staff of Hobby Consolas.

The best children’s movies of 2022:


Directed by Derek Drymon and Jennifer Kluska Hotel Transylvania: Transformania It is the final installment of the popular comedy saga for all audiences.

The plot once again follows the bizarre family of monsters that poor Drac will have to face (and have already had several) in what is undoubtedly one of the scariest situations he has ever experienced.

A mysterious Van Helsing invention known as “Monstrator Ray” gets completely out of control and It causes Drac and his monstrous friends to transform into humans, and worse yet, human Johnny to become a monster..

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sonic movie 2

no doubt one of them The best children’s movies of 2022 this sonic 2 movieThe sequel to the adaptation of the famous Sega video game saga starring Ben Schwartz, Jim Carrey and James Marsden.

In this new episode, the evil Doctor Robotnik returns from his exile in the Mushroom Kingdom to exact revenge on Sonic. Finding a great new source of power in a mysterious green emerald…

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But Sonic won’t be alone as he will eventually meet Miles “Tails” Prower, a friendly two-tailed fox who will become the blue hedgehog’s inseparable friend.

Again, Robotnik won’t be alone either, as he will have the help of echidna Knuckles to stop Sonic and Tails from getting on their feet..

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light year

Under the direction of Angus MacLane, light year a film Animation by Pixar that expands the popular cinematographic universe. Toy Story It focuses on the character of Buzz Lightyear and the fictional story behind the toy.

Therefore, its plot tells us the story of Buzz Lightyear in his first steps in Star Command. From being a simple pilot to becoming a popular hero as we all know, his journey will be explored..

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Red (Turning Red) - Pixar

Continuing with Disney and Pixar, The best children’s movies of 2022 NetworkAn animated movie directed by Domee Shi.

this film All its implications revolve around 13-year-old Mei Lee, who is in her mid-teens.

As if that wasn’t enough, Mei has to deal with her protective and controlling mother, Ming, who keeps her daughter out of sight even while she’s at school.

Feeling increasingly nervous about her mother’s constant surveillance One day, Mei transforms into a giant red panda, a talent from her family..

It regains its original appearance only when relaxed, now The restless Mei must avoid getting too upset so that she doesn’t transform at the worst possible moment..

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We have it in the best children’s cinema of 2022 luckyApple TV+ Original Animated Movie directed by Peggy Holmes.

This comedy adventure tells the story of Sam Greenfield, a young woman who becomes the most unlucky person in the world. accidentally, Sam ends up in the Land of Fortune, a world where good and bad luck are produced for the human world..

Take advantage of the conditions Sam decides to change his luck and bring some luck to his best friend.. However, it runs into a small hurdle: People are not allowed to enter the Land of Chance.

Before returning to the human world, Sam must associate with the magical creatures that live and work in this world to fulfill his purpose.

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bad guys

directed by Pierre Perifel, bad guys It is an entertaining animated comedy. cinema The plot is about a boy following a group of rogue animals in their purest form. Ocean’s Eleven.

The team consists of the elegant pickpocket Mr. Wolf, the cashier Mr. Snake, the cold disguise master Mr. Shark, the quick-tempered Mr. Piranha, and the biting genius hacker Mrs. Tarantula.

Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan or Heidi in versions you couldn’t even imagine: how the industry will pervert our childhood icons

After years of successful hits, the most wanted villains on the planet are caught and arrested by the police. Mr. Lobo manages to come to an agreement to get out of jail and convince the authorities that they will be okay now.. A promise that no one intends to keep, of course.

Under the tutelage of Professor Jam, an arrogant but lovable guinea pig, The Bad Guys set out to deceive everyone and convince them that they are now good citizens.

However, after a while, Mr. Wolf begins to suspect that being nice can get him what he always wanted: to be accepted by others.

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drift home

Between Titles highlights of the children’s cinema we have drift homeAn anime film directed by Hiroyasu Ishida, released directly in the Netflix catalog.

The plot revolves around two neighbors and childhood friends, Kosuke and Natsume, who live together for a while in an old apartment that is now to be demolished.

One summer day, Kosuke and his friends decide to explore the building where they met Natsume. But suddenly something strange and magical happens and everything around them disappears and they find themselves in a building surrounded only by the sea.

completely isolated, Kosuke and his crew will have to survive as long as they can while trying to find a way to get home safely..

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Chip and Chop: rescue guards

Undoubtedly one of the most outstanding films for children, Chip and Chop: Rescue Guardians The plot is an entertaining animated comedy revolving around Chip and Chop, two squirrels who study together, go to work and are the stars of The Rescuers.

However, after a long period of success, both squirrels were separated by ego and currently live in Los Angeles, each living their own life. Chip leads a boring life as an insurance salesman, and Chop, desperate to grow his business again, has “3D surgery” with the intention of restarting his career..

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When his former co-star Monterey Jack goes missing, everything points to the Valley Gang, led by Sweet Pete, a local gangster who dominates the cheap blockbuster copy industry.

Like this, Chip and Chop will start collaborating with the police to solve the case and regain their lost friendship..

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Our review so far The best kids movies for kids of 2022, according to the editorial staff of Hobby Consolas.

On this occasion, animated films came to the fore in our list of the most watched children’s films in the newsroom.

If you want to know the ranking of other movie genres, we leave you the following Best Movies of this 2022.

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