Horror movies (and where to watch) to enjoy at home this Halloween

Horror movies (and where to watch) to enjoy at home this Halloween

As if time has stopped, we are in the cinemas again, just like in 2018. Halloweenthis time with the promise of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode’s final point in their adventure. Halloween: Last Night, this is not the only one horror movie counter. other tapes such as smile Y devil’s light They remind us that it’s that time of year when the producers release their horror movies to fit the season.

Mexico was no exception and was released among all foreign film offers. devil eye (still playing in theaters). Critics praised director Isaac Ezban’s film, first of all, for the acting power that was given to him by actress Ofelia Medina, a sinister grandmother who tormented the protagonist. This witchcraft and black magic movie secretly references Latin American traditions and myths as one of the best movies. Mexican movies of this genre.

If you don’t want to leave the house, streaming services are also committed to adding movies of this genre to their catalogs and highlighting the tapes already in them. Among them are some cinematographic gems worth seeing on Halloween. Viewers will be able to remove this selection of horror movies from their seats.

midsummer (2019)

Directed by Ari Aster, starring Florence Pugh, midsummer It tells the story of a young woman who has lost everything, when she decides to go to Sweden with her college classmates and boyfriend. They enter a pagan community that will celebrate different ceremonies and rituals to attract rain and a good harvest season; But the longer they stay here, the more they realize that the community has terrible customs. The tape is on Netflix.

Florence Pugh in ‘Midsommar’

Run away! (2017)

Strange moments ensue when an interracial couple notices their household’s strange behavior when the groom decides it’s time to meet the bride’s family. Director Jordan Peele’s aim has always been to portray the issue of race, and he does so through this film that plays with terror, horror, science fiction and American history. In an interview with EL PAÍS, Peele stated“I really wanted a terrifying movie, but it’s humorous and gives you something relevant, like great classics, that makes you think, so as not to give the audience a miserable experience.” Run away! Available on Star plus and Amazon Prime Video.

A Quiet Place (2018)

Sound and lack of sound becomes an absolute thriller in this movie. In the future, noise-sensitive creatures will wipe out most of the world’s population, the only way to survive is to stay as quiet as possible. Director John Krasinski manages to keep the tension in the audience, who pay attention to what’s happening on the screen, almost without breathing or moving, hoping not to impress a monster to devour the four protagonists. The tape is available on Star Plus and Amazon Prime Video.

Syllable (2013)

The first episode of the three tapes about the cases the Warrens faced is perhaps the most successful. In this movie, a family that has just moved to a farm in Harrisville with all their savings is tormented by a demon trying to take over their parents. Ed and Lorrain Warren, renowned researchers of paranormal phenomena, help residents from their homes who live in terror. Based on true events, this movie can be watched on HBO Max.

Lighthouse (2019)

The Lighthouse is based on an unfinished story by Edgar Allan Poe, with a haunting atmosphere clad in black and white and wonderful views of an almost deserted beach. Actors Willem Dafoe and Edward Pattinson play a lighthouse keeper and his apprentice who must spend their days in isolation. As the film progresses, the protagonists’ frenzy turns into anger, hallucinations, and violence for the two men, who can’t find enough food and alcohol to satisfy their hunger. This movie can be seen in the Netflix catalog.

Glare (1980)

Director Stanley Kubrick’s film is one of the most important classics of this genre. It all started when Jack Torrance, played by Jack Nicholson, moved his family to the Overlook Hotel to work as a watchman during the winter months to write his novel. Torrance, who cannot leave his place and warned of the unhealthy isolation he may face, begins to see terrible things. Kubrick portrays loneliness, insanity, alcoholism, and violence in a movie with a production design that can portray angles, colors, and shots. Glare Included in HBO max.

Shelley Duvall
Shelley Duvall in “The Shining.”

Orphanage (2007)

In 2007, not too far away, Orphanage It received a 10-minute standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival and was described by the late Roger Ebert, one of the world’s most famous film critics, as a “superior ghost story”. Director Juan Antonio Bayona’s debut feature is an original horror film in which cunning is the ideal formula for creating fear. It tells the story of Laura, a woman who tries to reopen the orphanage where she grew up to accommodate children with disabilities. The hero’s son has dark games that end in tragedy, and the hero must confront his past to discover the mystery. Orphanage on Netflix.

Bay (2004)

this movie M. Night Shyamalan He brings to mind his first work, The Sixth Sense, for the plot that pushes the viewer to reconsider their conclusions. It tells the story of an uncivilized society that lives tormented by the terrifying creatures that live outside. The psychological terror of this tape divided critics into two completely opposite positions. There are those who love this tape and others hate it. Bay Available on Apple TV.

Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

A couple moves into an old apartment in New York. The previous tenant died in a sinister accident, but the spouses are ready to take that risk. As the days pass, the frustrated actor husband begins to gain attention in Hollywood, and the woman who dreams of a baby seems to fulfill her wish; but behind the facade of the pastoral house there is a cult, satanism and the devil. Winning the Oscar for best picture, this movie has become a cinema classic, directed by Roman Polanski. The movie is on Amazon Prime Video.

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