Where can you picnic in Morelos?  - Sun of Cuernavaca

Where can you picnic in Morelos? – Sun of Cuernavaca

More lenses and visitors and tourists alike are always they try to develop activities where they can be intertwined with nature. and enjoy a happy moment away from all the technological explosion and everyday life that surrounds them.

no doubt, Field day is an enjoyable activity that children, young people and adults love to do. and everyone enjoy it equally because it also allows them to get out of the routine, relax and forget about life’s problems and stressful situations.

At the same time, getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In addition, as it is known, it is very economical to have a field day or picnic. Of course, we find several ideal areas to enjoy a pleasant field day in Morelos.

While this practice is being made less and less due to the current difficult situation and the high level of insecurity throughout the state, today we suggest some places where you can go to spend a day in the country.


this parkand is located on the Mexico-Cuernavaca federal highway, In the municipality of Huitzilac. It has a large open area with various activities such as horse riding, visiting the farm, painting ceramic figures and of course different sized swings for every taste.

Zempoala Lagoons

It is located between the municipalities of Huitzilac, Morelos and Ocuilán de Arteaga, State of Mexico.. To get there, you can take the Huitzilac diversion via the town of Tres Marías. This site is characterized as a protected natural area with aquatic biodiversity occurring in the lagoons, which undoubtedly provides a wonderful view full of colors and nature.

RepresentativeYou can enjoy horse riding, children’s games, hiking and cycling.There are also several food stalls but the option to bring your own food because there are even grills; ideal panorama for a picnic with incredible views of the lagoons amidst the beautiful nature surrounding the place.

Luis Donaldo Colosio Park

Located on Paseo Cuauhnáhuac boulevard in Cuernavaca, this hotel In this park there are several areas for entertainment and relaxation. basketball, volleyball, football and multi-purpose sports fields, children’s games, roller skating rink, tricycle ride and large green spaces for rest, relaxation and traditional picnic, access to food and drinks or can be purchased from businesses located. inside.

Reform March

Located in the Vista Hermosa neighborhood, Adjacent to San Diego and Teopanzolco streets, There is space for various outdoor activities, including picnics, as there are also children’s games here. About ten years ago, it was described as a habitat with many trees and green grass; but all of nature has dried up and very little green space is left.

Unfortunately people no longer go there to enjoy picnics, but for other events such as pet fairs and scout meetings.

Melchor Ocampo Park

Located on Baja California Sur street in the Gualupita district, This place in Cuernavaca boasts spring water, exuberant nature, trees and diverse plant and animal species, making it an ideal setting for a picnic to enjoy its extensive facilities. Unfortunately due to the disrepair and deterioration the place has suffered, very few people usually go to this beautiful site.

Saint Lawrence Chamilpa

This site is located in the north of Cuernavaca. Ideal for a variety of recreational or sporting activities such as obstacle courses and mountain biking. Surrounded by large trees, this green area is ideal for picnics and offers a quiet environment where everyone can have a pleasant time, breathe the fresh air of the region.

there are special options

The Covid-19 pandemic has suspended this activity for monthsbut it was also one of the first to continue, as it was carried out outdoors and in large areas with a healthy distance.

no doubt, Field day is one of the best plans to spend a pleasant time with our loved ones.In Morelos, however, this activity has dwindled and is de facto practiced by fewer people, due to insecurity in the state, particularly attacks, and the lack of police or guards everywhere.

Given this situation, it was decided to offer special areas for the Field Day such as: Tepoztlán Tour Operator, among the unique experiences it offers in this magical town include a picnic in Tepoztlán, the most important and impressive horseback tour. places in the place while the color of their unique landscapes tells tradition and history.

This is said to be the route General Emiliano Zapata Salazar took on horseback, so the guides accompanying the journey tell stories, legends and tales to enjoy individually, as a couple, with family or friends. At the end of the tour, the visitor enjoys a picnic with typical Tepoztlán dishes.

Hotel Rincon Meztitla

This place offers its guests and visitors a very beautiful area surrounded by wonderful hills for picnic in nature.

hotel in Huayacan

Located in Jiutepec, this place is surrounded by nature, making it ideal for enjoying its beautiful facilities with your family, partner or friends.

There is a special picnic service every day; Among its beautiful gardens, the visitor can take a relaxing walk in the bamboo forest, visit the butterfly garden and enjoy every moment surrounded by beautiful views and a delicious meal of your choice.

You can also do it from home

In addition, There are many companies that provide picnic services at home, with various items such as custom furniture, decoration, famous teepes and even inflatable screens to enjoy a movie. Installed on the client’s patio or garden, 100 percent personalized attention.

There are many options to enjoy the picnic which is no doubt A great plan that you will realize with your loved ones throughout 2023s, consider the suggestions provided by each area and enjoy the moment.

Las Tazas in Cuautla, a more refreshing option

Las Tazas spa is not just a beautiful place to swim. or a source of water for residents of the municipality of Cuautla, but also an ideal place to camp without the need to go further or spend a lot of money.

Located in the town of Cuautlixco, Las Tazas ejidal spa has become an almost mandatory tourist attraction if you come to visit the municipality of La Heroica.

This place is slowly establishing itself as one of the most important spas in the municipality due to its large green spaces and incredible pools that are ideal for the whole family.

Las Tazas has four pools for the population. In addition to green spaces, parking, bathrooms, showers and dressing rooms, positioning it as one of the most important and economical rustic spas in the municipality of Cuautla, east of Morelos.

But this place is not only a beautiful hot spring, but also a great option for camping in the municipality, where, as grandmothers say, “everything is straight after the door.”

extra service

spa In addition to the entertainment offered by Las Tazas, it also offers camping service, this is for the population to stay overnight at the facilities.

The campsite is almost the entire spa, According to Esdras Elid Cheron Plascencia, who is responsible for the venue, places where you can camp in all green spaces, by the pool, under trees, on the grass or a little further afield. In the pool area, you just have to choose the view you want to wake up to and thus settle in the perfect place.

The cost of camping is 100 pesos per person. this guarantees a 24-hour stay and it will be the person in question who needs to bring all their supplies to have a pleasant stay.

People are given just one minute to go out and buy what they need, because At 21:00, the door is closed to ensure the safety of the visitors.although there are always people interested in the place.

It camping service It is equally offered to residents of both the state of Morelos and other parts of the Republic, to all people, whether they go alone, in pairs or, for example, on excursions.

Again, According to Cheron Plascencia, other states like Mexico City, Puebla or Toluca have more people who tend to seek out this service during the holiday season. warm seasons, Easter and summer are the strongest times. He even claims that the people of Morelos are the least willing to engage in such activities.

“There are more and more people coming to request the camping service during the warm season or on vacation, gradually more and more people because it was a season where it was very low, but we hope people will remember and make us aware of our work”expressed.

With information from Rosaura Hernández

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