Summer 2023: Cariló's best recommendations for the season

Summer 2023: Cariló’s best recommendations for the season

Cariló is a quiet city that perfectly combines the sea and the forest and offers its tourists high-end offers. There is more than one 7000 accommodation and various gastronomic proposals for all tastes. In addition, this destination has a wide variety of activities: thick bike tours, UTV rides, golf, surfing, hiking, live music, fashion shows, among others.

Cariló Tourism Chamber, as every year Various activities for residents and tourists to enjoy: design shows, sustainable fairs, fashion and activations with emerging artists.

The 2023 season is coming with great initiatives from the private sector as well as the suggestions offered by the municipality. Carilo GolfIt offers a wide program of events consisting of fashion shows featuring famous designers such as Carilo Designer Edition Parade with production by Guillermo Azar fashion tour Victor Corso and Lage Experience organized by Volvo Corso the designer did not just display his clothes on the runway; In addition, by describing the preparation of each of his past in detail, he puts his stamp on this, his essence and his career.

Golf also invites its visitors to enjoy an event. Enchanted Carpe Diem Golf takes place in the restaurant. It’s an experience to enjoy the jungle from the inside with Chef Pedro Demuru’s best outdoor dining.

Other events taking place at the place include: cinema under the stars, Wineries and offerings, Art and Golf, etc. Finally, Cariló Golf offers the opportunity to enjoy the following tournaments: night golf, between Cariló Golf Cup and daily tournaments organized by multiple brands.

The program of activities can be viewed at golf site As of January.

Cariló Golf has held a number of events this year that have captured the attention of the entire Atlantic Coast: tango golfA dinner with music, art and live dance step by step to the rhythm of 2×4, celebrated 30 years of experience with designer Gabriel Lage, showcased a day full of art, golf and wine tasting with top wineries, a “White Party” organized.

Cariló Golf Director Nelson Valimbri said, “A strong pre-pandemic season similar to 2020 is expected. The economic variable of the country and the whole situation around the dollar cause international travel to decrease and people prefer national destinations. I also believe that the Argentine rediscovered Argentina with the pandemic and learned to enjoy Argentina by valuing quality offers.

Cariló has become an aspirational destination for thousands of Argentines who visit throughout the year. With its dunes and lush forest, it wins the hearts of first-timers and soon becomes a must-see on any visit to the Argentine Atlantic Coast.

Calendar of events at Cariló Golf:

January 9: parade fashion tour Organized by Victor Corso

– 12 and 19 January: Cinema under the stars.

– January 13: Betular Experience.

January 25: Carilo Designers Edition Organized by Guillermo Willy Azar.

– January 27: Arts and Golf Winery.

– January 28: Carpediem Encantado: Menu steps in the forest with Catena winery.

February 9: Delayed Experience from Volvo Organized by Victor Corso

Golf tournament schedule:

– January 11: Havana Cup.

– January 12: Avene Cup.

January 14: Volvo Cup.

– January 18: Madariaga Cup

– January 19: Life + Quality Cup

– January 21 and 22: San Cristobal Cup.

– January 24: night golf You participate by paying a green fee.

– January 26: Rio Hondo Hot Spring Cup.

– January 27: Tropical Golf Cup

– January 28: oakley cup

– January 29: Willy Kohan= We Are The Cup

– February 2nd: Rio Hondo Hot Spring Cup

– February 4 and 5: ICBC Cup

– February 7: Havana Cup

– February 9: Avene Cup

– February 25: Cariló Golf Tour.

*The event schedule is subject to change by the organizer without prior notice.


This track, immersed in the lush forest of Cariló, presented itself as a challenging track to the players. The requirement arises in a design that leads to a focus on strategic golfing and 18 holes.

The course is measured at 6,473 yards, 73 par for men and 5,449 yards, 74 par for women. With narrow grass pitches surrounded by pine trees and marked dog legs, it is a very entertaining course that forces the player to take blind shots from the tee. closed.

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