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This is how Prince Harry learned of his mother Lady Di’s death

Diana of Wales He died in a tragic car accident in Paris on August 31, 1997. Prince Guillermo I was 15 years old and his brother, Prince Harry, 12. Too young to be an orphan. The youngest son of the monarch of England spoke for the first time in .can’t wait‘, explosive memory – full of bombs against the British Royal FamilyHow did you find out about his death? Miss said. The news of the loss of their mother was given to them by the King. Charles III. And contrary to what we might imagine, the way he conveyed this tragedy was certainly unconventional.

Diana, Princess of Wales and her son Prince Harry in London in June 1989.  At photo

Prince Harry recalls in his autobiography: The summer of 1997 was the happiest year of his life. Princess Diana had been divorced from then Prince Charles for a year and went to Istanbul with her children in July. Blue Beach to enjoy a summer vacation. The Duke of Sussex remembers having a great time, his mother and children crossing the Mediterranean waters on jet skis. He introduced her to a friend he didn’t mention, but it seems he did. Dodi Al-Fayed, then your partner. Days on the beach France they were unforgettable. As soon as the trip was over, she and Guillermo returned to the UK to continue their vacation. balmoral

“Dad didn’t hug me,” recalls Prince Harry when his father told him about the death of Diana of Wales.

Harry remembers that the summer residence of the British Royal Family was a great place for siblings. There they did not have to comply with obligations and could enjoy endless activities “in the open air”. It was indeed his favorite place. Isabel II He used this castle, which was not one of his official residences, to do his favorite work: riding a horse, walking your dogs, or hunting. Inside the castle were two adjoining rooms for the young princes. Each had their own bathroom. A bathroom where a very young Harry washes before having dinner with his brother in a living room where he is allowed to watch television. Every night, at 8:00 pm, their father would kiss them before they went to the dining room, where the men came in tuxedos as per protocol, where dinner was served for the grown-ups. Harry remembers this His father sat next to his bed. And he said: “My dear son” Before revealing that Diana had an accident and is not recovering. The prince remembers that he did not shed tears at that moment. “Dad didn’t hug me. He wasn’t very good at expressing his feelings under normal circumstances.”Says. “It’s true that he put his hand on my knee once again and said to me, ‘Everything will be fine’.”


That night, Prince Harry received no other visitors to his room. She and her brother spent the night completely alone. He thought that his father might have had the same conversation with his brother before. The next day he awoke at 9 am to the sound of a bagpipe that woke the Queen. That day passed with absolute normality, as if nothing had happened. This made Harry think that maybe his mother was fine and could talk to him on the phone at any time. It is noteworthy that in the absence of love at such a time, Harry hoped that his mother would be well for a long time. Now he thinks this thought is a way to protect himself. By the time he was over 20, he was convinced his mother had faked his own death to escape media pressure and be happy. “For once I thought I had been deceived by my mother, not by the people around me or the press. His life was miserable, he was harassed, harassed, lied to, cheated on. So he arranged an accident as a distraction and escaped.”idea.

Prince Harry and his brother William crossed the Spirit Bridge in Paris where Diana of Wales died.

In “Spare” III. Carlos’ youngest son admits: He spent the next decades trying to figure out what really happened on that ominous night. and only that he had managed to convince himself not to want the investigation into the princess’s death reopened. it even tells both he and his brother, Prince William, crossed the Spirit Bridge. -Where Diana fell in Paris- to remember his mother’s last moments.

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