Dior estrena un documental sobre su desfile en Sevilla

Fashion documentary showing us the creation of Dior Cruise 23

Dior premieres documentary Strength, Body, Magic: The Creation of a Dior Cruise Collection; An immersive look at what the creative process is behind the parade house in Sevilla.

Looking for a fashion documentary? you are lucky. Dior just posted don’t do that his latest cruise collection and all it takes to pay homage to Andalusian tradition in Seville’s historic Plaza de España. Strength, Body, Magic: The Creation of a Dior Cruise Collection A gripping documentary that takes a tour of the entire creative process and realization that made one of the house’s most spectacular fashion shows possible..

Dior premiered a documentary about the parade in Seville

Dior and Spain?

“This collection for Dior in Spain presents Dior’s own history.For uniting the idea of ​​Dior around the world” … words of Maria Grazia Chiuri (creative director) women’s collections) Weaving the history of the French house and its founder with the ideals and dreams that come to mind when Andalusia is mentioned, and which led to the birth of the Dior Cruise 23 collection and this documentary.

Dior premiered a documentary about the parade in SevilleDior Cruise 23 show appearance

If you don’t remember the fashion show or the collection, let me remind you: Dior presented a collection inspired by Andalusian culture, where we saw Manila shawls, Cordovan hats and even Dior fans for the first time. house. And of course, where else could such a collection be presented than at the Plaza España in Seville? All the strengths of this culture played a leading role in the collection: fairs, flamenco… the equestrian tradition.

Dior premiered a documentary about the parade in SevilleGeorgina Amorós for the cover of Neo2 with pieces from the collection.

Dior Cruise 23 and everything that accompanies it when it comes to light cannot be described as follows: one of the house’s most impressive achievements and one of the best collections in modern Dior history… parade at the pyramids of giza It doesn’t stay behind. Blessed are those who are invited; I also mention Georgina Amorós among those we have seen (who We posed for our cover with clothes from the collection.) and Maria Pedraza.

Dior premiered a documentary about the parade in Seville

How was the fashion show and the Dior collection formed? The documentary shows us in detail

Dior’s recent fashion documentary is an unprecedented look at how they made possible one of today’s most important and relevant collections. Strength, Body, Magic: The Creation of a Dior Cruise Collection The story of Alba Sotorra’s management and how such a success could be achieved.

Dior premiered a documentary about the parade in Seville

The documentary runs for over an hour; this allows us to reveal how this process works in great detail. What can we see inside? Well, there is everything; since Maria Grazia Chiuri’s visits to local artisan workshopsThe handmade embroidery company of María José Sánchez Espinar is handpicked from among the best, such as the hat company Fernández y Roche or the Carbonell fan company. It also tells music selection and reason for being How were the choreographies designed to accompany the parade?. There are several voices in the documentary, including Pietro Ruffo’s; an artist and regular Dior collaborator responsible for creating many of the motifs on the garments in this collection. In this documentary about fashion, we can also see part of her creative process.

Dior premiered a documentary about the parade in SevilleThe Plaza de España in Seville was decorated for the Dior Cruise 23 parade.

This is another one of Dior’s efforts to be more than just a fine clothing brand… and it’s succeeding.

One thing to consider about brands in this luxury 2.0 panorama is that it’s not just about making beautiful clothes. Now, to survive and succeed, it is also necessary to create a universe and an imagination around the clothes we see at parades and connect with the people who wear them. Dior is a clear example of how this is done in the best possible way; we saw it podcaststhey Temporary facilities and even their exhibitions and now in this documentary about fashion. Show the history and value all the craftsmanship (this resourceful We talk a lot about it) is something that is sorely needed… and we know how to appreciate it here.

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