Busy week of celebration from Chama

Busy week of celebration from Chama

Serenades, dancers, enchamigadas, “Chamamé con Todos”, opening of a collective exhibition and a fashion show, the 32nd Nacional del Chamamé will begin its 10 main nights at the Mario del Tránsito Cocomarola amphitheater from Friday the 13th.

The Provincial Government, through the Cultural Institute, invites all locals and visitors to Corrientes to join in a celebration that is starting to gain ground in different parts of the city from the beginning of the month and will add more throughout this week. offers

As part of this Chamam movement, they came ashore on Saturday at the Amado Bonpland Museum of Natural Sciences, located on the coast. An open drawing workshop for boys and girls was held here by the artist Anísima, followed by a presentation of a work. Children’s puppet show by Fundación Skené.

On the same day, music was downloaded by the music students of Professor Alejandro Romero and closing to pure dance with members of the Divino Niño Jesús Ballet.

Serenade and enchamigada were performed on Paseo Chamamecero on Sunday afternoon, with the presentation of Paula Basalo, Pablo del Valle in Trio, Fernández and Galarza, as well as Máximo Benítez, Jorgelina Espíndola, Mbokajah from Paraguay; and also the intervention of rap and hip hop chamecero by Free Dance Academy. In this case it ended with the music of La Pilarcita and the dance performed by the dancers from the ballets La Amistad, Sangre Correntina and La Enramadita.

Meanwhile, yesterday “Chamamé con Todos” disembarked at Hogar María de Nazareth, led by Circe Hidalgo, who offered welcome words and thanks to the Cultural Institute. Los Hijos del Corazón and Nazareth Fernández Hermosí performed and dance couples Emilio Bautista Barrientos, Virginia Abril Retamozo Lagraña, Aquiles Leonardo Segovia, Sasha Dalila Segovia, Ariel Fernando Castillo and Estefanía were part of the event. cristozo



l 10. Chamamé with All – Children’s Hospital – La Pilarcita, Leandro Galarza, Chamamé Haüy

l 21. Fashion Show of Laura Custidiano’s “Ñande Tierra” collection. Musicalize Karaguatá.


l 10. Chamamé with All – Mental Health Hospital – Los Alonsitos

19:30. Bellows Pass – Paseo Chamamero to Boca Unidos Center.

l 20. “Chamamé for a New World” Group Exhibition – Provincial Museum of Fine Arts. Ezequiel Romero, Lorena Larrea Catterino.

l 20:00 HS Sunset Chamamé – ka’aru Chamamé. Boca United Central


l 10. Chamamé con Todos – Nuevo Horizonte Nursing Home – Mirian Asuad, Los Hijos de los Barrios.

l 20th Serenade and Enchamigada Plaza May 25 – Delegation of Mato Groso do Sul, Braian Acevedo, La Savia, Jorgelina Espíndola

l 20’s. “La Previa” at La Unidad

l 22. Pena at the Santo Domingo bar


l 10. Chamamé con Todos – Jesús María Foundation – Home for the elderly. Tono Benítez and Los Criollos, Simón Obetti

22:30 Chamamé in charge of “Del Soñador Café y Vinos” in El Mariscal


l 13. Dancer of Pexoa Bridge

l 19 – 22:30. Peña de Tono Benítez – Location: Plazoleta Giachino (General Paz and Reconquista) Grupo San Antonio, El Zurdo González and La Pura, El Gringo Agustin Acuña, Benjamin Arízaga and Chamameceros

l 19. Organized by Peña de los Barrios – Hnos. Chamamecera, Damian Ayala, Ernesto Juanovich, Ulises Veron, Los Hijos de los Barrios.

l 17. Dance in unity.

22:30 Chamamé in charge of “Del Soñador Café y Vinos” in El Mariscal


l 16. Necochea Street and Costanera Boulevard Los de Imaguaré, Alma Paraná, Lorena Larrea Catterino and Descent of the Virgin and Serenade in the Corrientes Prefectural Youth Ballet.

l 13. Dancer of Pexoa Bridge

l 19 – 22:30. Peña de Tono Benítez – Location: Plazoleta San Marcelo (Av. Medrano and Córcega) José Ramírez Tallarín, Orlando Ríos Group, Braian Acevedo and Group, Los Criollos de Corrientes.

l 17: Dance in unison.

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