USS opens interactive dome to connect art, science and technology

USS opens interactive dome to connect art, science and technology

Virtual expeditions beyond the trails” is the name of the project funded by the Folklore program of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and awarded by the campus of Universidad San Sebastián, Valdivia.

In simple terms, the initiative consists of a dome established as a multidisciplinary space for the development of diverse experiences for environmental and scientific education.

To this end, the Dome offers an immersive and multi-sensory audio-visual station designed with a creative approach and an innovative virtual tour that will recreate expeditions to different ecosystems in the region, with content developed by experts in different disciplines such as biology and audio-visual design. and scientific research.

“Initiatives of this kind are very important because they combine environmental education and science on the one hand, but also connect economic activities such as tourism,” said Alejandra Vásquez, regional ministerial secretary of the Los Ríos Economy.

This will allow us to show our area and hopefully we can then move this dome to different examples so that people who don’t know the area have the opportunity to get to know the area and at the same time be motivated to come,” he added.


Miguel Riquelme, academic and project director at Connecting with the Environment at the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Design at the University of San Sebastián, stresses the importance of implementing such experimental sites because of the “critical state of conservation.” environment”..

“The absence of effective environmental education translates into an unconscious, responsible and active citizenship in terms of valuing ecosystems. It is therefore crucial to encourage initiatives that strengthen interest, dissemination and access to environmental education.”

“These virtual trips will teach us a lot because we know so little about the beauty even though we are so close, and this will give us a superlative interest in visiting all the natural wonders our region has. “It has improved our tourism and made it available to all Valdivia citizens,” said Pablo Hoffmann, vice-chancellor of the USS Valdivia campus.

All audio-visual materials and supplementary materials created for this exhibition can be downloaded free of charge through the social networks created for this project. More information and @ Instagramexperienced

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