Carmen Acedo's flamenco canasters from a neighborhood courtyard to We Love Flamenco 2023

Carmen Acedo’s flamenco canasters from a neighborhood courtyard to We Love Flamenco 2023

Flamenco dresses don’t need badges, When one of the Canastero designs appears on the runway, there’s no doubt: This is a Carmen Acedo dress. The indisputable identity seal of the company, Carmen Acedo’s canastero dresses became an icon of flamenco fashion and one of the most anticipated podium We Love Flamencowhere the designer presents his collections.

Now, a few days before it starts XI edition of Flamenco Fashion Week At Hotel Alfonso XIII (regular venue of the podium) the designer opens the doors of his workshop in Triana. to advance the details of your next collection, neighbors.

Despite being in charge of the firm for over two decades and Carmen Acedo from Ronquillo, She dominates Triana’s roots perfectly, and this is shown in her flamenco dresses.. Your latest collection, suburb, He drank exactly the essence of Triana. Inspired by the gypsy women of the Triana suburb, Carmen Acedo used the main colors of her canastero designs as white, red and black. Now, Acedo For his new and long-awaited collection, he drinks the purest essences of suburban neighborhood courtyards..

The introductory letter on what their new proposal would be, We Love Flamenco’s presentation at the Casa de Pilatos last October contained a small collection of capsules where Carmen Acedo returned and confirmed the role of the canastero dress as only she knew: dancing in their flyers.

From a small corner of Triana to Flamenco Fashion Week

Triana residents find Carmen Acedo’s workshop perfect. It is located in Niculoso Pisano street., Acedo’s workshop is a parallel universe where only the moon and flying planets and stars exist. It’s a great mess, these days before We Love Flamenco the entire workshop has no vacancy. Figures, sewing machines, notes, calendars and many flyers.

A perfect chaos that anyone who loves flamenco fashion will be happy with.. Like Carmen, who smiles widely when she talks about her designs. We promise to take little time, we are aware of the last minute rush and we don’t want to steal the most precious and scarce thing you have right now.

Maybe because it’s the only moment of pause, as he breathes into his knee and at the same time a crazy working head these days, speech seems calm and calm. It’s a perfect contrast to what can be predicted from her eyes when she looks sideways at the center table and thinks about all she has to do.

Not for the less. More or less Forty designs make up the collection, which we will see at We Love Flamenco on January 18. and these days you have to finish, test, adjust and finish editing. “The collection is in three parts, some for more suggestions for pilgrimage, others for Fairgrounds and others for basics. The idea is to start the parade as if the flamenco dancers were in a neighborhood courtyard and tell a story through the designs.” Acedo explains.

As we march through the parade for the presentation of We Love Flamenco at the Casa de Pilatos, The Triana designer’s new collection is a tribute to the most timeless joy.. “The designs feature the canastero team, which is the core of the firm, but I’m adding some innovations. As far as colors are concerned, I wanted to bet on the joy for this year, so in flat designs there will be many shades and also many polka dots“It advances the designer.

She wants to keep talking about her new collection, and she shows it by showing us one of her collection’s basket skirts. We are sure that it will be a magnificent design in different shades of blue.. “It has to be over, but Only this skirt has more than 35 yards of fabric“It takes three days and three people to make one of our Canasteros teams,” he adds. This is why Canasteros designs are so popular.

Carmen Acedo’s canastero costumes

By definition, a canastero flamenco dress has a single flywheel to which partitions imitating small frills are added. Unlike other shapes, the skirt of the canastero suit does not naturally move much, meters of fabric must be added to achieve the desired effect. Carmen Acedo is a teacher when it comes to achieving this.. “In addition to the number of meters a single flamenco dress takes, my designs are made so that they dance alone‘ explains the designer.

Considering that flamenco dresses have no expiration date, Carmen Acedo is committed to timeless and quality designs this will pass over time. “The other day a client came to us to fix a suit we made for him ten years ago. We left him on a shelf and another client came because he thought it was from now on,” the designer said. an anecdote.

The first canastero flamenco dress for many young women, Carmen Acedo has her own stamp and anyone who has seen it knows it comes from a firm from the suburbs. So much so that Carmen Acedo’s canoes have conquered international actresses like Deby Mazar. Already celebrities Nationals such as Virginia Troconis, Eva Isanta or Ana Guerra. His designs have also appeared on the red carpet and starred in entertaining video clips (like Pascual Márquez, 33 de Califato 3/4).

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