10-year-old girl "crazy" about robotics and the promise of computers today: "I went to tech while others went to ballet"

10-year-old girl “crazy” about robotics and the promise of computers today: “I went to tech while others went to ballet”


He stands out with his inventions and entrepreneurial character at a young age. Although he stated that his greatest achievement was to encourage technological inventions in children, he received different awards.

Alai Blanco at the Institute of Immune Technology
Alai Blanco at the Institute of Immune TechnologyDAVID NOVEL

Born in Venezuela of Basque descent in 2011, when he was 7 years old, his family took him on vacation to Spain to get to know his ancestral lands, without thinking that he would never return to Caracas. “Love at first sight”, where he lived in Madrid. He and his younger brother Iaki convinced their parents that they should continue to live here. because they knew this would be the perfect place to be happy.

Alai Blanco Lascurain, who is about to turn 19, has accumulated many satisfying experiences that he wants to share despite his young age. Experiences that would be impossible for anyone to believe. For example, he started his journey in the technology sector, which is his biggest passion, at the age of 10. When I turn 15 in 2019 Island Award, Digital Girl of the Year Hands of the European Commission in Brussels. In the same year, she was awarded the Margarita Salas Award for Inspiring Scientific Profession by Talent Woman Spain. She was also awarded the Most Special Award in the Digital Challenge category in 2022, she. It was also nominated two years in a row, although there was no winner. Women Now Award.

Due to her entrepreneurial nature, she is behind projects such as Esvuela, a drone flight school for children. Also, he invented an invention while he was still in school. document: A 3D-printed artwork that I handed out to teachers during the pandemic so they can reflect any material placed on the keyboard, or AlibubuA teddy bear with a device for storing personal data of refugee children traveling alone and without identification.

But the most interesting thing about Alai is that he is a teacher. Although she finished ESO in 2021, she has been teaching for over 3 years as she started as an assistant while going to school. And as if that wasn’t enough, despite her age she has been working in the Young Immunities program at the IMMUNE Institute of Technology since last year, aimed at promoting STEM occupations (for its acronym in English Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) among minors. Thus, this initiative helps them to become familiar with technological innovation. “My greatest achievement is being able to bring technology to children. It’s a great honor for me to work on what I love most in such a young and important institution,” says Alai.

But there’s more: keep going to college to keep reading and learning. But his education in technology is not new. It started almost ten years ago. This was largely due to her parents, who quickly realized their daughter’s potential in science and technology, and spared no effort in her education other than “scholarships, seeking tech classes for kids, or just motivating her to go to college.” As Alai himself remembers, he sets out with discipline every morning to follow his dreams.

“While others went to ballet or to play football, I devoted myself to technology.. Robotics, 3D design or programming classes were the things I enjoyed the most, and I didn’t hesitate to stop other things that caught my attention. My family’s role in this was very important because they always wanted me to have a life equal to that of someone my age.”

And leave a short but important thought for all parents who notice. “in their children’s scientific abilities: technology seems to harm children’s development in some cases, but with good supervision and ample support it will serve you endlessly”.

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