Mónica Méndez looks forward to 'jaleo' at We Love Flamenco 2023

Mónica Méndez looks forward to ‘jaleo’ at We Love Flamenco 2023

takes more than 20 Making flamenco fashion a way to feel life. A reference when it comes to playing with pattern variety and a teacher when it comes to mastering the flow of skirts, Mónica Méndez decides what her new flamenco fashion collection will be at her workshop. judicial FussIt will be released on January 14 podium We Love Flamencowhich day flamenco fashion week it’s opening day.

Exhausted by the stress of the past few weeks and nervous before the exam premiereMónica Méndez takes a break at her studio in Alcalá de Guadaíra. tell us about some of the keys from your new collection. Consisting of nearly forty designs, Fuss It made its first breakthrough in October last year. Presentation parade of We Love Flamenco at Casa de Pilatos.

Fluent designs, variety of patterns, primary colors and polka dots, Mónica Méndez’s first suggestions for the 2023 flamenco seasonbut these are not the only innovations the designer is willing to put together. fuss inside We Love Flamenco 2023.

25 years driving the art of flamenco dress

After last year’s uncertainty the designer admits that he is much calmer. “Last season was very good, but finally. It was very difficult for us to work out because we didn’t know what was going to happen and people were excited with the April Fair a few weeks ahead.” Méndez admits.

Despite initial instability and forced marches at the last moment, nice weather, the Fair’s delayed date, and multiple fairs in September (the designer admits the one in Fuengirola was a huge success) helped Méndez finish off. The flamenco season is in style with almost no rest for what’s about to begin. “The end of the year and the proximity of We Love Flamenco gave me almost no time to rest or disconnect, but I have a feeling this season will go very well.Mendes explains.

After 25 years devoted to flamenco fashion, Méndez is very clear about where to start when designing. “You should beautify the woman’s body by covering it with frills, but also considering the comfort. Bulky and heavy designs are beautiful, but I I prefer to bet on lightness and movementThe designer told us, “In the workshop, when a client asks me to add more fabric or wear a dress tighter, I always say the same thing: the suit should be comfortable, you should wear the suit, not the suit.” us”, apostille.

For this reason, Mónica Méndez’s designs are characterized as pieces that attract an ethereal flamenco woman who seems to float on the path to the Truth. The distinguishing feature of this vapor The game played with colors also left its mark on a before and after in the flamenco style of Mónica Méndez.. If 2022 is the year of vitamin-enriched colors, the flamenco season has been the year of intense color combinations. This was Méndez’s strong and true claim. played to combine mauve and aqua green in many of his designs. “It was such a coveted color combination, these designs flew away,” the designer says. Inside Fuss The game of colors will be different.

This is the new collection ‘Jaleo’ by Mónica Méndez

divided into three blocks, Fuss presented as A collection with lots of earth tones.. At least that’s how it was seen in the designer’s first brushstroke for his new collection. The main colors (red, yellow, green and blue) with an earthy disposition were seen at the We Love Flamenco presentation show. “I wanted to bet on the mole tooas can be seen in the presentation parade and the colors that will prevail mauve, coral or yellowvery happy colors,” explains Méndez.

vibrant and cheerful colors for Fuss, a collection inspired by concepts such as the beginning of cante por bulerias and party. “Fuss there are many things and they are all happy,” explains the designer. In this festive concept, Méndez returns to take inspiration from flamenco for street fashion.

Much applauded inspiring designs presented by the designer last season and became a touchstone for guests. “Flamenco fashion is everywhere, polka dots and frills are always there, so I bet includes designs that you can take to other events later“, the designer from Alcalá tells us.

Tickets for the January 14 show at We Love Flamenco are sold out, Once again, Mónica Méndez makes flamenco fashion the maximum expression of Andalusian talent in its purest form.

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