How is Colombia doing in science and innovation?  Interview with Arturo Luna, Ministry of Science |  government |  Economy

How is Colombia doing in science and innovation? Interview with Arturo Luna, Ministry of Science | government | Economy

Among the plans you have Arturo Luna, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, It For strengthen research capacities across national territories.

It also confirms that with this approach, Colombia can make a sustainable leap towards development.

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What approaches will the Ministry prioritize?

As the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, we have prioritized a focus on mission-oriented research and innovation policies and propose a set of missions in line with the Government’s recommendation, sustainable development goals and the recommendations of the International Sciences Mission. Wise Men These missions include Bioeconomy, natural ecosystems and sustainable regions where we seek to promote sustainable regional development through the knowledge, conservation and use of biodiversity and ecosystem products and services.

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How is the country doing in terms of science and innovation?

According to the results of the latest call to recognize and measure Minciencias research groups and researchers with regard to Science, Technology and Innovation (CTeI) capabilities, there are 6,160 research groups in the country and 21,094 recognized researchers in all fields of knowledge.

What strengths stand out from the business?

Cities such as Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Barranquilla and Bucaramanga have strengths in the installed capacities the country has today.

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What is the main challenge you have?

As one of the challenges, science, technology and innovation are an opportunity to make a breakthrough in the development of the country, we need these capacities to be extended to the whole country in order to contribute to the solution of the problems that the regions have. sustainable way. The industry has a major challenge in convincing Colombians of the importance of CTeI and the benefits that can be derived from greater investment in Research and Technological Development (R&D).

What plans do you have to help entrepreneurs?

We support research, technological development and innovation projects that contribute to the solution of problems or real needs in different production sectors, using emerging technologies that promote quality, productivity and knowledge transfer.

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How do you see the digital transformation of companies?

While digital transformation is not exclusive to Minciencias, we hope to combine, through different tools, research, technological development and innovation, supported by the use and use of 4RI technologies that allow us to solve the different challenges that arise in all production processes. sectors.

What plans are advanced at schools and universities?

Minciencias and the Ministry of Education signed an agreement to combine their efforts to design, develop, strengthen and evaluate science, technology and innovation strategies and activities. A number of actions have been established to implement a route that promotes CTeI occupations in girls, boys, adolescents and youth across country institutions and in all modalities.

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