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Last month of the National Festival of Riders and Folklore in Diamante – Society

The 51st National Rider and Folk Festival has come to an end. Blessing the city of Diamante as the national capital of Rider and folklore, this extraordinary event was once again televised. elevenVia live mobile phones within the framework of our “Parties”, which aim to disseminate the different provincial, regional, cultural, sports and artistic events that adorn Entre Ríos and the region.

Horseback riding and folklore in Diamante

Entabulata and rewards

In the last month of the National Festival of Equestrian and Folklore, besides Diamante getting engaged for the first time in its history, the final was held in the rough and prairie. “It’s closure and release, and the one with the most horses wins,” she said. eleven Jineteada General Field Coordinator Jorge “El Turco” Sap.

He added: “The drivers risked everything tonight because they’re the best guys to have a chance to come and it’s going to be a great final, that’s my desire as field foreman of the entire Diamond commission.”

Regarding its job, Sap says “everything that happens in the equestrian field is my responsibility; “Every released horse must be in good shape, just like the sponsors, and decisions are made at that moment.”

El Turco competed as a rider on the Diamante at age 18, then joined as a soldier and now as an organizer. “It’s a pride and a sacrifice because it takes a lot of effort to be entrusted with an event like this, a tremendous effort to dedicate myself to it for the time I stole from my family,” he said. You were born for this.”

This is how wood flocks mixed together

The riding herd is an extraordinary competition of gaucho skills in which several herds are placed in a kind of corral and mixed by their shepherds. Next, the riders who are the “godmothers” go out into the open, leaving the horses “lost”. Then they open the pen and all the horses go out in search of their “godmothers.”

51st Festival of Riders and Folklore in Diamante, Tropillas ride the winners

The Malvinas Walk accompanied the rhythm of the guitar to a display of colour, animal beauty and gaucho dexterity in the last festival month of Rider Queen.

The winner of the competition is the gaucho who first gathered all his flock; On this occasion, the award went to Ramón Izaguirre in his black overos.

the word of the riders

eleven The figures of the two finalists for Queen of the Riders reflect the expectations of the riders vying for Diamante’s glory.

“It’s a challenge for me because I’ve always watched the festival on TV and I’m in the final, so I’m going to try to enjoy it,” said Ramón Córdoba, who competes in the Cline category, and worked to ensure that no riders would meet. hitting each other.

The Arroyo Leyes native said he joined Diamante for the fourth time in a row, and once placed second in the rough category. “The main thing in a driver is to feel like this and thank God I have it,” he said.

In addition, he stated that he is the son of a rider from Entre Ríos, a native of Puerto Alvear, and his image is the figurine handed over to the champions. “This is a copy of a photograph of my father riding a Giordal mare,” he said proudly.

Arnaldo Calderón, on the other hand, stated that he participated in several finals in the rough category, but was not given to him to become the champion. “The coronation is very important because apart from Jesús María, Diamante is a festival that is on par at the country level; The winner here has a good page that will work all year, and it is also in the history of the whole festival.”

And he thought: “Diamante gives opportunity to many drivers from different places; It’s different from Jesús María because everyone has the right to ride a horse and it’s nice that they come from other provinces”.


at the opportunity, eleven saved the testimony of Néstor Ciliano and Mario Córdoba, presenting Alma Gaucha, a radio show broadcast by Fm del Sol in the town of Adelia María in Córdoba; all these days they were giving information about the Diamond festival.

“For the second year, we’re trying to bring everything that happens in this great festival from Diamante to the south of Córdoba,” said Ciliano, explaining that he also follows the mountains in the equestrian area. “We have groups in our town that throw parties and we help them by scoring each driver and at the end of the night we see if our scores match those of the judges.” He even mentions what charquear means in his jineteada dictionary: “When the rider punishes and puts his whip on the horse’s rump, slaps the message, or loses his stirrup; These are issues that no one has seen, but that the jury, who is in the field, has seen.

Córdoba was taken aback by the audience, which he described as “very friendly”.

Last festival Monday’s performances

This 2023 Diamond Festival featured a diverse billboard featuring nationally culturally recognized names such as Soledad Pastorutti, Los Nocheros and El Chaqueño Palavecino, and there was no shortage of local figures touring the country scenes. It carries the music of our city and coast to all corners.

Last night they were Destino San Javier; Catherine Vergnes; Lignum resume; Francisco Cuestas; fanador Pre Diamante and Diamante Baila. eleven Before and after the presentations on the “Carlos Santamaría” stage, he spoke with some musicians who expressed their expectations.

In fact, Palo Santo bassist Silvestre Chazarreta emphasized: “Like all Diamantino, we are very happy to be at our festival and we are also proud to play the festival theme, which is Mangrullo de coraje, because the folk Support local musicians
“We love the festival and want it to grow because every year it succeeds and makes us proud like diamonds,” the musician said. Regarding the band, he predicted that they will be performing at Rosario del Tala next weekend, and they planned a tour in Santa Fe, La Pampa and the Eastern Republic of Uruguay.

Francisco Cuestas was another of those who shined in the “Carlos Santamaría” scene. He sang the classics and made everyone dance with his songs. Inheritor, eleven He said he was happy with what we went through. Returning to the Diamante stage has always been very emotional for me. Being on stage and seeing the poster that always moves gives me a great joy and also an emotional side.”

“You have a good energy, so is this festival. My father established a seedbed of musicians who continued to sow years ago. The stands are pushing one way because they know all the songs. Wonderful. Whoever comes from abroad will receive it. The artists are the same, this is increasing every year.”

We continue touring in the summer. The idea is to work on the next album, new songs, we have a busy year”.

Karen Giersch, who accompanied Rubés Cuestas as she imitated the birds’ song, said: “I heard the Cuestas brothers for the first time when I was nine years old and they were real birds to me, but when I saw that the sound came from birds, a man, I was shocked. I started taking all his records from there and the birds caught my attention. I started practicing until it made a sound, or so I try to do it”.

For the music teacher, a native of Buenos Aires, their imitation “means practice and passion for the Cuestas brothers and Entre Ríos because it encompasses not just music, but land, traditions, landscape, history and everything else”. as he disclosed elevenher favorite is lark’s song “because she imitates others and has such a wide range of voices.”

Meanwhile, Uruguayan singer-songwriter Catherine Vergnes, with folk roots by profession, told Elonce before her presentation that her show on the Diamante stage “offers a variety of rhythms from our folklore and to show milongas, polkas, chamarritas, and chamames”. is to convey joy and positivity so that she can enjoy and feel emotion.” On this occasion, she predicted that she would release her third album, Refugio, in February, with other songs she wrote and interpreted “to show Latin American unity through folklore”.

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