The most anticipated flamenco fashion shows of 2023 by celebrities and influencers

The most anticipated flamenco fashion shows of 2023 by celebrities and influencers

2023 is presented as one of the most interesting seasons For those who love flamenco fashion. SIMOF Announced complete refresh of the image It’s International Flamenco Fashion Week and embraces both tradition and the avant-garde. on his behalf We Love Flamenco It has also been consolidated in its 11th edition, in a different format than the first, as it was arranged in the iconic Alfonso XIII.

Both Sevillian podiums (also held Flamenco fashion catwalks in Jerez, Huelva or Andújar) is an ideal platform for companies that prefer them to present their new collections every year. Among them are consolidated companies that have gained the support of celebrities and influencers. But so are others who are just starting their professional careers or even looking for their first opportunity in competitions for new designers.

jose hidalgo

Virginia Troconis in a flamenco top and skirt by José Hidalgo.

The first show to consider is that of Seville designer José Hidalgo at We Love Flamenco. The new collection will be presented on Saturday, January 14th at 16:00. At Hotel Alfonso XIII. Tickets for this parade are not sold online as it is run by the designer himself.

This is how José Hidalgo dressed celebrities Mar Flores, Nieves Álvarez, Virginia Troconis, Eva González, Laura Sánchez, Anabel Pantoja and influencers like Bridalada, Pipa Porras, Entre cirios y volantes and Flamenca Power and many others. Y ready-to-wear designs even conquered Queen LetiziaManuela Villena, Niña Pastori and much more.

johanna calderon

Johanna Calderón's 2019 flamenco fashion collection.  Photograph: Doncel and Alcoba.  pattern: wedding dress.  Complements: Petrite
Wedding dress by Johanna Calderon.

This Madrid designer Johanna Calderon It has proven itself as one of the brands preferred by influencers. Your personal style that plays in mixing with fashion for guestsmakes it one of the most anticipated companies. By blending viral music (very tiktokera) with her designs in parades, she attracts the attention of the public who are eager to go to the party she will be throwing at We Love Flamenco on January 14 at 18:00. Maybe that’s why all the tickets have already been sold out.

Influencers are among Johanna Calderón’s most loyal clients. Bridalada, Ideal Guest, Helena Cueva and Blanca Algabaamong others.

Rocio Peralta

Marta Lozano in a flamenco dress by Rocío Peralta.

Rocio Peralta He is perhaps one of the most well-known designers at the national level, both inside and outside of flamenco fashion. His collections have conquered celebrities and influencers who come to him every year at the April Fair. The use of vibrant colors, polka dots and always (or almost always) embroidered shawls draw attention from her classic and timeless style. They sell their collections – often through accessories and the final look – cigarette cases, Montpensier, Western, Peruvian etc.

its parade Saturday, January 14th at 21:00 at We Love Flamenco. And tickets are already sold out. Its regular customers include Victoria Federica, Sofía Palazuelo, Carolina Herrera, Inés Sastre, Violeta Mangriñán, Marta Hazas, Eugenia Martínez de Irujo, Marta Lozano, Teresa Andrés Gonzalvo, Susana Bicho, Isa Ramos, Manuela Villena, Mar Flores, Casilda Hinojo Carsa, , Susi Rejano, Marta Carriedo and many more.

i won’t tell you

Victoria Federica in a blue flamenco dress by Notelodigo.

This flamenco fashion brand started as a youth fashion brand specializing in youth. They debuted in 2018 in flamenco dresses and have paraded ever since at We Love Flamenco. His style is simple, classic and not pompous. This year’s parade Thursday 19 January at 21:00.

One of the most important customers of this brand, designer Pilar Gómez, Victoria Federicaeven those who occasionally come to see the parade.

Pilar Vera

Eva González in a flamenco dress by Pilar Vera.

Pilar Vera is one of the most traditional brands of flamenco fashion catwalks. His long career, distinctive style and good work have made him one of the most recognized and respected designers in the industry. The parade will be held after Thursday, January 26 at 16:00 at SIMOF 2023.

Among its most loyal customers Eva González, Raquel Revuelta, Rocío Crusset, María José Suárez, Teresa Baca, Jessica Bueno, Carmen Lomanaet cetera.

Aurora Gavino

Rocío Osorno in a flamenco dress by Aurora Gaviño

Another of the designers with decades of experience supporting her work is Aurora Gaviño. Sevillian, whose name has infected more than 1000 people recognizable style, stuck, conquered celebrities and influencers. A mix of gypsy, flamenco and bohemian favorites with celebrities who don their costumes to go to fairs in Andalusia.

among them India Martínez, Rocío Osorno, Eugenia Osborne, Susana Bicho, Gloria Camila, Helena Cueva, Flamenca Power, Isa Pantoja, Entre cirios y volantes, Isa Ramos, Verónica Hidalgo, Ideal Guest, Teresa Bass, Erika Leiva, Alma Cortés, etc. We can see it at the parade SIMOF next Thursday, January 24 at 20:00..


Carmen Lomana in a flamenco dress from Miabril

Flamenco fashion firm created by Lourdes Montes and Rocio Terry He entered the closets of many of his friends and acquaintances. They preferred to make a flamenco with a comfortable and stylish suit. Embroidered hangers, bodice, etc. simple designs and classic cuts with details.

Faces known as some Tana Rivera, Carmen Lomana, Eugenia Martínez de Irujo, Fiona Ferrer, María García de Jaime and Lourdes herself which is your best model The parade will be held SIMOF 2023 next Thursday at 26:00..

rose pedroche

Influencer Marta Sierra in a Rosa Pedroche suit.

rose pedroche It is one of the companies preferred by the best known influencers nationwide. The flamenco fashion brand is dedicated to original prints and haute couture designs, a flamenco dress approaching major international catwalks. His shows, always accompanied by contemporary music, have become one of the most awaited programs by fashion lovers.

some of his fans Rocío Osorno, Marta Sierra, Mery Turiel, Helena Cueva, Noelia López, Susana Bicho, Andrea Rueda, Ana Moya, Macarena Silva, Alba Silva, Ideal Guest, Estela Grande, Flamencos and Flyers and more. His parade will be held SIMOF 2023 is next Saturday, 28 January at 16:00..

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