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Teacher Furillo’s new comic (Zaragoza, 1976) is a work that aims to show a grim portrait of stale and corrupt Spain, starring an old ex-bullfighter walking his physical and moral devastation in disgusting taverns and satiated carousel centers. this no longer exists. Obsolescence and lack of morals, consciences and prejudices lead to the dirtiest stories you can come across. Very clear. It’s monstrous and uninhibited humor to the point of nausea, accompanied by exaggeratedly detailed drawing, making it the pinnacle of obscene comics. Prepare. In this interview, Furillo shows that, as in his comics, he is overly generous, giving us the pearls of his fecal philosophy that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

Nokton Magazine: Like in the Spanish comics?

No. No, Spain is richer and more plural. We can find a diverse and heterogeneous celebration of eschatology in different autochthonous variants. One thing is for sure, they cook broad beans everywhere. The whole world, especially ordinary people, laughs at shit. The bold, irreverent, pig joke is typical of the simple and honest, honest and hardworking man who brings home a plate of boiled beans and sweats it out to eat it in peace and then shit in peace. And when I say man, I mean woman too. Let’s not panic. Shit is for everybody and everybody works no matter who does it. Alien to this real and eschatological world, other tinsel, the hypocrite, the corporate world, the bullshit, running sanitary affairs in the heat of the government’s stickboba, mantras turned into literal meaningless traditions, promotion and praise are sought. It is another type of eschatology. The one that smells much more and often smells the public vault. The apparent Andalusian vernacular of the master is only the costume of the gnomon, undressing in this tunic, remaining the essence that is the Iberian essence. I won’t go further into my complex understanding of Spain, I’ll just say that there are as many nations as neighbors and spoilers smell equally bad for all of us, something that unites us. from the love of wine.

NM: Where does the lack of hygiene, scum, shit comedy live?

F: I think since we all produce mist and foul odors at a given moment, we can find ourselves reflecting in any eschatological situation if we act as humbly as we should. Laziness and lack of hygiene caused by laziness also form this bond with us because people are lazy. We tend to inaction and comfort, well-being. Hygiene is an effort that we are not always willing and driven by tradition. It is true that there is a point of no return on the path of personal hygiene, this is where the joke begins. And drama. Tragicomedy. Spain.

NM: Nearly two decades of Master’s comics, I think a little bit of repetition is inevitable, bodily humor is limited after all.… although it also seems a bit like the essence of character, of life itself

F: I often come back to the same topic over and over, trying to distort it, making up jokes, looking for “plus ultra” with erratic results. Sometimes it is obtained. Sometimes the mere repetition of the same thing gives rise to a joke. “It took me a long time to slay the rooster,” he adds, as at the end of the comic, where we once again see the Master and Toñi’s wormy tail in the background. That’s it. Infinite spin. Wormy rooster, chubby cat, evil armpit, annoying pimple, shit-covered gag. It was already late. It’s a Jack, Knight and King. As I repeat, the attempt to say 40 over and over is not always successful, it is humbly sought. This is my mission.

NM: Are there any Maestro comics inspired by an event you witnessed or suffered?

F: I was not lucky.

NM: Even though Chicote has already opened our eyes with hers nightmare in the kitchen We can say that the Maestro in Bar de la Toñi, where El Maestro frequents, invites us to think, especially about the hygiene of the bars we frequently visit.

F: effectively. Food and shit are connected by an invisible thread. And it is invisible because we carry it within us and it is our gut. So where manduca is, there must be fiemo. When you go shopping you know that even if you buy a pair of pants or a blouse, if it bores you, if there is a toilet, you know that the polite salesman won’t let you use it. However, it is an important part of the system in bars, it is a temple that must be visited, where the products offered in the bar are transformed by humanity. A metaphor for life and a lesson in the temporal nature of existence. One of my earliest memories in a tavern setting: an old bar in Zaragoza, near the Central Market, how many interesting things hang in that area, it’s where I went for a drink with my family one day in the mid-’80s, I think it was going to be the flea market day when they rode there And when the time came, I used the toilet. I had to reach it by a narrow staircase leading down to the ground, and there, surrounded by a dim, yellowish light, I tucked my little body into a kind of recess where the toilet was attached, tiny even for a small baby. I The result of this disastrous toilet setup could be seen and even heard around the bowl and on the road to it: puddles of scum, dried fecal residue, other soaked products. Necessity was the only thing keeping her from escaping this kind of dung sanctuary, an altar dedicated to what god knows what extraterrestrial god. When we got back to the surface, though, a lighted bar, where the pickles, the pickles, the dough, the smoke from the happy customers smoking cigars, and the light shined in graceful curves, and yes, the dirt on the floor awaited. .but what nonsense… plates, dull toothpicks, shrimp heads, crumbs, olive pits, wrapped napkins, a damn whistling compared to piss!… everything in this life, like that bar, has a dark and secret side. , a stinky and filthy part that we couldn’t see at first, but also a bright part, some filled with marinades and brine, battered shrimps and drinks, full of shiny scrolls and echoes of other people’s conversations, and I guess it’s up to us, in a way, to choose which one to stay with, ah, how big are the bars for us teaches lessons… happy memories from childhood that never paid the bill…

NM: Also in El Maestro, neighborhood bars suffer from the gentrifying invasion of rarity and authenticity-seeking luxury.… though, when it comes to Toñi’s bar, they’re the ones who suffer more.

F: It is a small graphic revenge targeting idiots like Bertín Osborne or Carlos Herrera and their social seed, people who mimic their accents to stand shoulder to shoulder with ordinary people, gentlemen who suck their bells. can be found in modest taverns. . And their ties to the town that serves them ends when they finish their drink, and they often and sadly leave the building to praise the crowd. Environments where princesses will just go to shit and have no other options. The usual bars devastated by gentrification and franchises, and ultimately by the Chinese, who know their government has an outpost to break our system by hitting where it can do us the most harm as a country: the bars.

NM: When you see Master’s doctor visits, it is inevitable to think about what toilets should find in his daily life.

F: no doubt. It’s a job I can’t dedicate myself to. First of all, because of my habitual clumsiness. I am a responsible incompetent, which is the worst because lack of expertise adds to the moral burden of a job poorly done, to the guilt of one’s own inexperience. Diagnosing means hell to me because of the possibility and consequences of failure. It would be anecdotal to see filthy marrow or nightmarish genitalia. In addition, you must be in continuing education recycling. And more today with viruses and all that bullshit. Maximum respect for healthcare workers. Even for those who do their job badly.

NM: Like in the superhero comics, El Panzer, El Maestro, El Tiki… do they share the same universe? Have they ever crossed paths?

F: Yes, they passed. Panzer starred in an adventure called “From Vago to Hero” where he was stabbed by a bandit while leaving Tiki Topless at Tiki Bar with unexpected results. However, the Master hasn’t had any crossovers with other sequences or whatever is said, but hey, it’s never too late. I am not excluding anything.

NM: Your great comic After we first got there, did you consider going back to longer comics and more elaborate screenplays? what are you working on right now?

F: I’ve been saying that for years I’ve been working with the characters of “I jerked off Franco”, a scientific epic of the time and “We got there first”, but given the complexity of the story and the great respect I have for the reader, there is still a lot to announce when it sees the light. For the rest, long stories cause some rejection for me. I like the concept of fast consumption comics more. Short stories are much more appealing to me. The current comics market seems to be demanding refined products with lomillo where the cover is paid more than the gut. Unfortunately I understand that the market is dominated and ultimately still a consumer product, but for whom? As a mystery fan, I believe it’s an effort to institutionalize the comic book even more to the dark side. By whom?, obviously. The comic book is a powerful weapon, perhaps the last realm of true and absolute creative freedom. Comics are in great danger, friends. Do not deceive them with tinsel or favors. be awake. Hug

Text: Oscar Mendoza

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